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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: October 25, 2006 West Linn City Hall 7:00 PM Attendees Bill Relyea, President Bela Barany, Treasurer Alice Richmond, Past President Sue McHugh Bryan Brown Kirstin Greene TVFR David Dodds Agenda items 7:00 - Meeting Opens – 7:01- Community Comment Period 7:15 –Police/Fire Department Reports 7:25 -Update on the Neighborhood Development Plan, Review of the Action Items, Next Steps 8:15 – Community –Land Use Projects and Updates 9:00 Closing Remarks and Adjournment Note: Scheduled times may change based upon variables within the presentations and community comments or concerns. Last month’s PCNA meeting minutes Minutes were reviewed and approved Guest Speakers David Dodds presented his platform for County Commissioner David answered a variety of questions from the audience. Action Items • The Skate park petition is prepared for circulation and presentation to the City Council. • Issues with the election of officers with the Rosemont Summit Homeowners Association were presented. Community Reports Police Officers Updates: None Fire Department Updates • Wild Fires are an issue • Dry Combustibles pose a threat • Smoke detectors and the need to replace batteries was discussed. • Power outages and how they effect our safety was discussed Overview of current development projects: The Neighborhood Development Plan was discussed and updates provided to the community. Community Comment Period: • The community feels strongly that the Skate park issue needs immediate attention and a Parks Officer to address the issues at large. • The Willamette Mall proposal and its potential impact on the community was discussed, pending issues will be traffic congestion and the 10th street exit. • The proposed LDS Chapel was discussed, Traffic concerns, parking concerns and the need to mitigate traffic on Rosemont, Wildrose were discussed. A letter outlining the PCNA position will be presented to the Planning Commission. Other impacts to the community addressed scale of the building and the Traffic System Plan, Shannon and Miles Drive issues. • Traffic calming measures including islands in the neighborhoods was discussed • The Transportation System Plan was discussed Meeting adjourned at 9:00