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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: June 28, 2006 West Linn City Hall 7:00 PM Attendees Bela Barany, Treasurer Alice Richmond, Past President Joanne Pinelli Sue McHugh Gerald Pasquantonio Agenda items 7:00- Welcome 7:10- Update of land-use applications on PCNA territory 7:15- LDC issues 7:30- Budget update 7:50- PCNA signs proposal 8:10- Skate Park Document/Petition 8: 25- Community Comment Period Last month’s PCNA meeting minutes Minutes were presented. Minutes were approved. Action Items • New signs for the NA have been proposed and the artwork is ready for approval • A skate park petition was discussed for circulation • An overview of the PCNA budget was discussed Community Reports Police Officers neighborhood update: Overview of current development projects: • Planning Commission Meetings and Notices were discussed • Planning Director Decisions were discussed • West Linn City Council Public Meeting Agendas were discussed. • An update on The Neighborhood Development Plan was provided. Community Comment Period: Meeting adjourned at 8:30