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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: August 31, 2005 Meeting Start Time: 7:00 PM Attendees: 1. William Relyea PCNA resident 2. Michelle Marsh PCNA resident 3. Roger Carstens PCNA resident 4. Barbara Carstens PCNA resident 5. Lynn Fox HSNA resident 6. B. Goldstein PCNA resident 7. Curt Sommer HSNA resident 8. Gary Hogue PCNA resident 9. Bob Adams Bolton NA resident 10. Dawn Adams Bolton NA resident 11. Ann Frank PCNA resident 12. Don Frank PCNA resident 13. Alice Richmond PCNA resident 14. Kathy Lairson Sunset NA resident Agenda items included: Overview of current events, Neighborhood Association Planning meeting, Land Use Planning Issues, The City Manager Recruitment Process, The Police Advisory Committee, Committee for Citizen Involvement Last month’s PCNA meeting minutes were presented by Bill Relyea. Minutes were approved by a unanimous vote. Overview of current events: Development Projects: The Neighborhood Development Plan was discussed, the adoption of a calendar date for each future meeting was set. The 2nd Tuesday at 7:00 pm at the Adult Community Center will be arranged. Methods for disseminating information for the neighborhood development planning process were discussed. Options included newsletters, mailings, email, website and a central bulletin board. Traffic Safety issues along Parker Road were discussed, sidewalks, speed control devices and pedestrian crosswalks at various locations were suggested. It was suggested that everyone involved in the neighborhood planning process bring a sample survey with them, to the next meeting. The role of the interim city manager was discussed and the membership was polled on their perspective of his contributions to the city. Several residents made favorable comments about the Interim City Manager, other comments centered around not dwelling on political issues and moving forward with the business of developing our The Olson property development on Parker Rd. was recapped. Residents had questions about street improvements, street access, the formation of a homeowners association, the inclusion of community amenities such as swimming pools and tennis courts. The membership agreed to forward a letter to the Planning Department outlining their concerns, and suggestions. Police Advisory Council: The PAC agenda from the July 11, 2005 meeting was discussed, in particular the motion made during that meeting that the connection with the neighborhood association be abandoned was discussed. The membership feels strongly that the neighborhood connection should be maintained. If the PAC intends to change the current structure they should have a town hall meeting to allow community comment prior to making any changes. The need for a new police station was discussed. The discussion centered around centralized versus decentralized police facilities and the possibility of joint use satellite facilities, shared with TVFR, police and paramedics was suggested. Community Comment Period: Street lighting and sidewalks were discussed. This will be addressed in more detail during the neighborhood planning process. Committee for Citizen Involvement, A discussion about Goal 1 of the Oregon Statewide Planning Program for Land Use was discussed. An A HOC committee has been formed and will be meeting to discuss citizen involvement in land use issues. Dates and times to be decided at a later meeting. Meeting adjourned at 8:30