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HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION MEETING AGENDA DATE: DECEMBER 15, 2009 FROM: 7:00 PM TO 9:30 PM LOCATION: ROSEMONT RIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL, 2001 SALAMO ROAD, WEST LINN, OREGON 1.) WEST LINN/WILSONVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT’S NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION MEETING REGARDING THE DISTRICT’S APPLICATION FOR DEVELOPMENT OF A SCHOOL WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES OF HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION ON THE PROPERTY KNOWN AS THE ERICKSON PROPERTY LOCATED ON HIDDEN SPRINGS ROAD AND ROSEMONT ROAD AS REQUIRED BY THE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CODE. ( Presention time appx 20 minutes, Q&A appx 45-60 min) 2.) APPROVAL OF HSNA MINUTES (appx 20 min) 3.) TREASURERS REPORT (appx 10 min) 4.) SECRETARY’S REPORT (appx 10 min) 5.) HIDDEN SPRINGS PIMILCO SIGN REPORT (appx 10 minutes) In consideration of the staff time and taxpayer expense required for the School District’s presentation and because many non HSNA residents will be attending this meeting, the approval of HSNA minutes and the Treasurers report have been placed on the agenda following the School District’s presentation. This will allow the least time and expense for the School District. In addition, non HSNA residents will not be required to attend while the membership conducts housekeeping responsibilities.