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AGENDA WLHSNA MONTHLY MEETING TUESDAY MAY 19, 2009 CALL TO ORDER 7:00 PM ESTABLISHMENT OF QUORUM APPROVAL OF FEBRUARY 17, 2009 HSNA MEETING MINUTES TREASURER’S REPORT Guest Speakers: 1.) Troy Bowers, Sunset School presentation (7:05-7:20 appx.) 2.) Dr. Alan Rosenfeld, Reserves Report (7:20-7:35 appx.) 3.) Douglas Rich, Northwest Earth Institute Sustainable Community presentation (7:35- 8:20 appx) OLD BUSINESS 1.) Erickson property report (8:20-8:30 appx.) 2.) Rosemont ReservoirCell Phone Tower Report (8:30-8:45 appx.) 3.) 19650 Suncrest Report (8:45 – 9:00 appx.) 4.) HSNA Committees report (9:05-9:15 appx) NEW BUSINESS 1.) HSNA Plan (9:15-9:30 appx.) ADJOURN appx 9:30PM HSNA MEETINGS ARE HELD IN THE ADULT COMMUNITY CENTER, 1800 ROSEMONT ROAD, BEGINNING AT 7PM ON THE THIRD TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH. THESE ARE PUBLIC MEETINGS. ALL RESIDENTS, OFFICERS OF OTHER NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATIONS AND CITY STAFF ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND. PLEASE BRING A COPY OF THE AGENDA. BRING YOUR NEIGHBORS TOO!