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City of West Linn Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA, RN to be used for Robinwood Neighborhood) Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 1/8/2008 Kevin Bryck, President, called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. Scott Sandie, RNA Treasurer, noted that the RNA fiscal year account balance was $1223.86 (plus an existing, small credit at the UPS store on Willamette Drive). The December 2007 RNA meeting minutes were unanimously approved. Items Discussed Kantara Land-Use Application Kevin Bryck noted that this application is the 4th item on the agenda at the 1/28/08 City Council meeting. A motion was approved to ask the City Council to move the review of the application to a later city council meeting where a greater number of interested parties would be available (see Motion section below for more details). Robinwood Neighborhood Plan Review Update The RN plan is set to be reviewed by the planning commission on February 6th ad March 10th. The staff report should be available by January 23rd. RN Goals The following were offered by residents as potential goals for the RN for 2008: • Work with city on crafting the best land-use application appeal parameters • Form Committees to comply with RN by-laws (example: parks) • Get involved with the City Budget Committee • Work with city to determine the fate of the old fire station • Work with city to craft parameters regarding proper oversight of Cedar Island (including park) land and foliage • Form roads/traffic committee to improve the intersections of streets with Highway 43 Johnson Property Per resident Terry Pennington, Bryan Brown has not yet finished his assessment of this application. Another resident Ole Olsen noted that Bryan Brown would be accepting comments on this application until noon on 1/11/08. A motion was approved to appeal the challenge the forward progress for the Johnson property – see Motion section below for more details. City’s Use of Fees as Revenue Generator Various residents spoke in favor of persuading the city use the referendum approval method for fees. Lynn Fox noted that it would take a petition of 1200 names to facilitate this, and that a way to land many signatures would be to team with the Chamber of Commerce. Terry Pennington volunteered to join any anti-fee movement that potentially may form. Motions (motion voting results in parentheses after motion title) 1. Kantara Way Land-Use Application – Request of City Council to Move Application Review Date Later Than 1/28/08(approved) 23 eligible voters approved of the RNA requesting that the city council move their review of this land-use application to a date later than 1/28/08. One eligible voter chose not to register a note. 2. Approval to Spend $100 on Improving RN Signs All eligible voters approved of this expenditure. 3. Letter Drafted by Kevin Bryck Regarding Changes to Association By-Laws – Send to Oregonian and West Linn Tidings Of the remaining 22 eligible voters, 19 voted in favor, 1 voted against, and 3 chose not to vote for this motion. 4. Johnson Property – Appeal of Any Type of Forward Progress All eligible voters in attendance at the time of this vote, unanimously approved the RN to process an appeal if the planning department approves the application, or to oppose the applicant’s appeal of the planning department’s denial of the application, if it is denied. Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM. Minutes submitted by RNA Secretary, Scott Sandie