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HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION DRAFT MINUTES MEETING OF NOVEMBER 20, 2007 CALL TO ORDER. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM at the West Linn Adult Community Center by President, Lynn C. Fox. Other officers in attendance: Harvey Schultz, Vice President; Charles Lytle, Secretary; Donna Baker, Treasurer. QUORUM DATA. The number of eligible members since the beginning of the calendar year was 28. At 10%, the quorum was 2.8 = 3 members. There were 7 members present at the start of the meeting. Therefore, the meeting stands as an official meeting of the Neighborhood Association. MINUTES OF THE OCTOBER 16, 2007 MEETING. There being no additions or corrections, President Fox declared the minutes approved as submitted. TREASURER’S REPORT. Treasurer Donna Baker reported a balance of $1,346.68. POLICE REPORT. Officer Kempas reported on a case of a phishing e-mail and warned members to not divulge personal information (SS number, driver’s license number, etc.) or account numbers in response to ANY e-mail and also to NEVER open attachments to suspicious e-mails. He also cautioned members to lock purchases in the trunk while shopping at the mall and also to not make many trips in and out of the mall carrying purchases to your car. There have been numerous calls regarding coyotes up on the ridge. OLD BUSINESS. President Lynn Fox reported on the following: 1) The Planning Commission’s approval of the Marylhurst Park development plan was appealed to the city council by the Petersen family, who originally owned the parcel. 2) The Association is still looking for volunteers to help complete the neighborhood plan. NEW BUSINESS 1) The first issue of the Hidden Springs magazine has begun arriving in mailboxes. Bob Thomas displayed his copy, which was passed among the members. Everyone agreed that looked very professionally done. President Fox reminded members of the free personal advertising and ongoing features such as garden of the month. She also brought attention to the “Kids’ Korner” where students doing odd jobs, such as lawn mowing and babysitting, can advertise for free. GUEST SPEAKER BILL VANCE, WEST LINN HIGH SCHOOL MUSIC & ARTS PARTNERS. Bill explained that the group is made up of parents and others interested in the arts programs at the high school and that they solicit donations and grant money. Past projects have included buying instruments for the band/orchestra, stage lighting, a sound system for the new auditorium, two pianos, etc. He also introduced the Heritage Seat Foundation, which was started because the school district ran out of money and never finished the build out of the auditorium. For a $150 donation, a plaque will be placed on the back of an auditorium seat, with the money going towards the purchase of those infrastructure items left incomplete. GUEST SPEAKERS CHRISTINE & JERRY SCHLESSER, PETE’S MOUNTAIN HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATION. Christine & Jerry gave a brief recapitulation of the ongoing battle over the very large development planned across the road from the Oregon Golf Club. This was the largest Measure 37 claim in the entire state, and it was allowed to proceed because Clackamas County could not afford the many millions the developer stipulated would be lost if the development was blocked. The HOA successfully appealed the county’s decision to LUBA on the basis that the county hearings officer ignored the state law that prevents new development from severely impacting groundwater. In this case, it was clear that the magnitude of the development (literally hundreds of houses) would have caused brown wells and even dry wells all over the ridge. The fight is ongoing. To help with the legal costs, a Christmas tree farmer is donating a portion of the sale of each tree to the HOA. A flyer was passed out explaining all the details. HSNA Meeting Minutes November 20, 2007 Page 2 GUEST SPEAKERS DAN & JENNIFER HARTUNG. Dan & Jennifer live adjacent to the proposed lot partition on Kantara Way. The applicant desires two variances to existing CDC’s: addition of a home to a private drive that already services 12 homes (The CDC limit is four homes per private drive.); addition of a home to a cul de sac that is already at the CDC limit of 12. First, there is no “benefit to the public” nor “extraordinary circumstances” as required by the CDC. Second, there are already drainage problems on the properties downslope from the proposed site, which will have to have trees removed in order to be developed. Third, removing trees would violate the tree retention requirement for lots with > 25% of Type I and Type II land. Fourth, the trees marked for removal have been designated “heritage trees” by the city arborist. After a discussion of the issues, a motion was made and seconded that the HSNA should communicate its opposition to the proposed lot partition and that the President should communicate this position to the city Planning Director and Planning Commission using the text of the November 14, 2007 letter of opposition from the Robinwood Neighborhood Association. Motion by Charles Lytle, seconded by Harvey Schultz, 8 Aye – 0 Nay – 0 abstaining: “The Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association, at its November 20, 2007 meeting, has voted unanimously to oppose the requested lot partition and development on Kantara Way for the following reasons: • Neither variance request demonstrates “extraordinary circumstances” or “benefit to the public.” • The Community Development Code (CDC) is clear that a private drive may service no more than four homes. The private drive already services 12 homes, and the variance would increase this to 13. • The CDC also allows a maximum of 12 homes per cul de sac, and the variance would increase this to 13. • The existing lots east and downslope of the proposed lot partition already are experiencing drainage problems, and the removal of trees to accommodate development will make the situation worse. • A number of trees marked for removal fall under the classification of “Heritage Trees.” • A city study in 2005 concluded that 25% of the land is a combination of Type I and Type II. The CDC states that land with > 25% of Type I + Type II land is subject to special tree retention requirements, which will not be met by the proposed development.” NEXT MEETING DATE IS JANUARY 15, 2008. ADJOURNMENT. There being no other business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM by President Lynn C. Fox. Recorded by HSNA Secretary Charles R. Lytle.