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The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM at the West Linn Adult Community Center by President, Lynn C. Fox. Other officers in attendance: Charles Lytle, Secretary; Donna Baker, Treasurer.

QUORUM DATA. The number of eligible members since the beginning of the calendar year was 21. At 10%, the quorum was 2.1 = 3 members. There were 12 members present at the start of the meeting. Therefore, the meeting stands as an official meeting of the Neighborhood Association.


There being no corrections, President Fox declared the minutes approved as written.


Treasurer Donna Baker reported a balance of $1,500.00.


Officer Bunch reported that, as was the case in July, the majority of calls were in response to barking and/or loose dogs. There was one accident reported at the Hidden Springs/Santa Anita intersection, one DUI arrest, and one instance of illegal dumping.


President Lynn Fox reported on the following:

1) Members of the Marylhurst NA are opposing the planned development of Marylhurst Park. They want it left in the current state and are using cost savings as their main selling point to the city council. The development of the park is a key part of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan and is viewed as a city park, not a park for the exclusive use of any particular neighborhood. Chuck Lytle made the following motion: “Be it resolved that the HSNA supports the city’s planned development of Marylhurst Park and opposes leaving the park in its current state and directs the President to convey this resolution to appropriate meetings of the Planning Commission and City Council.” The motion was seconded by Donna Baker and carried 13-0-1.

2) Chuck Lytle has joined the board of the Hidden Springs Ranch 8 Homeowners’ Association and is in charge of landscaping. The HSR8HOA is going to work with the city to clean up the small area at the end of the south grass strip along the west side of Santa Anita. The City had a pump station there that was moved when the water tower was put in by Carriage Way and is now full of weeds. The HOA is also going to remove arbor vitae and other large plants at the NW corner of Churchill Downs so that cars turning out onto Santa Anita will have a better line of sight to the left.

3) The city is still mulling over the NA’s suggestion to replant the median strip in the center of Santa Anita. It is currently unsightly with large sections of exposed black plastic.

4) Mike Perkins of the city has cut down a very large area along the Palomino Loop trail where the park bench is to be placed. The brush cutter can’t go through tree stumps, which are all over the cut area. The city is asking for volunteers who have chain saws to help in removing the stumps.

5) Councilor Scott Burgess is still pressing for the city to sell what he is calling an “equity share” of the city’s drinking water allocation. He insists that this is not the same as selling a water right and that the city would be able to simply not offer to renew the equity at any time. As mentioned at the last NA meeting, President Fox feels that such a sale is not in the best interest of citizens. HSNA Meeting Minutes August 21, 2007 --Page 2--


President Lynn Fox reported on the following:

1) It is not well-known that the RV parking area just off Santa Anita on Clubhouse Drive is privately owned. There is a misconception that the parking spaces are reserved for residents of the neighborhood and that there is some sort of enforceable obligation to do so, either through the city or homeowners’ association CC&Rs. This is not the case, and the lot is being run as a private enterprise. In fact, a number long-term renters no longer live in West Linn, and several live out-of-state. It has also been reported that people have been seen off and on living in some of the campers and/or RVs. The lot is zoned R-10, and there is no reason that the lot couldn’t be developed for housing.

2) The developer of the property on Suncrest that is being proposed for annexation is giving a presentation at the adult community center the evening of August 30th. The surrounding land is a mix of zones R-7 and R-10.

GUEST SPEAKER CHRISTINE LEWIS, YES ON MEASURE 49. This group is spearheading the effort to win support for Measure 49, which was written to save statewide land use planning and prevent overdevelopment of Oregon farmland and natural areas. Under Measure 37, over $15 billion in claims have been made, which the state and local and county governments cannot afford to pay. Most of these claims have not been made by a single families seeking to subdivide and build on smaller parcels of land. Over 2,700 large housing subdivisions have been proposed, along with big-box stores, strip malls, a casino, and a large rock blasting operation. Dolores distributed informational brochures, bumper stickers, and yard signs.

GUEST SPEAKERS JAYNE CRONLUND AND DOLORES ORDANAKIS, THREE RIVERS LAND CONSERVANCY. The Conservancy has a sign on Rosemont just past Carriage Way that announces the development of a trail that will run along Rosemont from there to the circular trail on the Luscher Farm property at Rosemont and Stafford Road. Alta Engineering and Compass Engineering have been retained to survey the route and do design engineering and specifications. The trail will be for pedestrians only, will be six feet wide, made of asphalt, and cost about $650K. By county/state standards, a bike path would have to be at least ten feet wide and would raise the cost to several million dollars, mostly due to having to extend beyond the current county easement. This particular trail is just a segment in a planned network of interlacing trails throughout the West Linn-Lake Oswego-Stafford Triangle area. Included will be unincorporated portions of Clackamas County. The speakers left off brochures and fact sheets that explain the conservancy and its various missions and its future plans in the areas of trails, conservation, and land stewardship. The conservancy is a nonprofit organization that survives on donations and grants. They are currently conducting a fundraiser to raise the necessary money for the Rosemont trail segment. Call 503-699-9825 or visit on the web if you’d like more information or would like to contribute.



There being no other business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM by President Lynn C. Fox. Recorded by HSNA Secretary Charles R. Lytle.