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NEW BUSINESS. 1) President Lynn Fox stated that she has been attending the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings at Rosemont Ridge middle school. Their students are actively engaged in community outreach, and the school is looking for projects that could use student help. Adult volunteers would be needed for projects. The students could help in trail clean-up, ivy pulling, etc. In addition, the school is looking for volunteers to assist with other projects within the school. Contact information was posted at the meeting. 2) President Fox attended the most recent meeting of the South Fork Water Board. Residents with an interest in this Board were encouraged to contact HSNA to act as representatives at the Board meetings and keep the membership informed. 3) The Marylhurst Park plan was briefly discussed and Tyler French made a motion to create a Marylhurst Park Task Force to bring the needs of the residents of Hidden Springs to the attention of the Director of Park and Recreation, the Park Advisory Board and the City Council as the park is furnished. The motion was seconded by Charles Lytle and unanimously approved. GUEST SPEAKER SCOTT BURGESS, WEST LINN COUNCILPERSON. Mr. Burgess explained that his presentation was part of a general outreach by the mayor and city council. He listed the Council’s proposed changes to the way neighborhood associations are organized and how they conduct business. He then briefed the membership on the upcoming budget process now that the police levy appears to have not drawn the requisite 50% of registered voters. One idea is to pay for police from the general fund and make up these funds by adding a surcharge to everyone’s water/sewer bill. He also reported that staffing levels have increased and that the city’s various reserves are slowly increasing. The new Parks Master Plan will be rolled out at a community meeting on May 29th. Councilor Burgess then reported on the progress of the Highway 43 Study Committee and gave a brief overview of the history of the South Fork Water Board. He noted that the Lake Oswego Portland Commuter study committee does not have representation, voting or otherwise, while a significant percentage of commuters are from West Linn. METRO is considering the committee’s recommendation to cut TriMet bus service through and from West Linn into Portland. Secretary Lytle made a motion that President Fox send a letter to METRO and the Clackamas County Commissioners demanding that TriMet bus service be continued at its present level and that the city of West Linn be given an official, voting membership on the committee. The motion was seconded by Treasurer Donna Baker and passed unanimously. GUEST SPEAKERS WILLIAM OSMUNSON AND KIMBERY KAMINSKY. Both speakers presented information regarding the proposed state law mandating the fluoridation of all drinking water. Mrs. Kaminsky heads Oregonians for Safe Drinking Water and spoke about the organization. Dr. Osmunson gave a PowerPoint presentation on the science and history of fluoridation and its topical use in modern dentistry. Members were encouraged to contact Representative Scott Brunn regarding their concern that the current bill not be approved. GUEST SPEAKER SKIP ORMSBY, PRESIDENT BIRDS HILL CPO. Skip again brought everyone up to date on the Lake Oswego-Portland transportation study. NEXT MEETING DATE IS JUNE 19, 2007. ADJOURNMENT. There being no other business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned at 9:35 PM by President Lynn C. Fox. Recorded by HSNA Secretary Charles R. Lytle.