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HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION MINUTES MEETING OF APRIL 17, 2007 CALL TO ORDER. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM at the West Linn Adult Community Center by President, Lynn C. Fox. Other officers in attendance: Harvey Schultz, Vice President; Donna Baker, Treasurer; Charles Lytle, Secretary. QUORUM DATA. The number of eligible members since the beginning of the calendar year was 16. At 10%, the quorum was 1.6 = 2 members. There were 8 members present at the start of the meeting. Therefore, the meeting stands as an official meeting of the Neighborhood Association. MINUTES OF THE MARCH 20, 2007 AND APRIL 7, 2007 MEETINGS. There being no responses to a call for corrections from the chair, President Fox declared the minutes approved as written. TREASURER’S REPORT. Treasurer Donna Baker reported an account balance of $632.69. POLICE REPORT. Officer Kempas reported that there was one ID theft and three thefts from vehicles within the NA boundaries. All the thefts from vehicles occurred on the same night: March 21st. There were the usual complaints of barking dogs, etc.. OLD BUSINESS. President Lynn Fox stated that the NA will have to decide on the wording for the brass plaque to be placed on the park bench for the Palomino Loop Trail. She stated that the plaque should recognize the Hidden Springs Neighborhood Association, the West Linn Parks Department, and the Eagle Scout chapter that helped to clear the viewing area. NEW BUSINESS. President Fox also briefed the membership on the meeting with Sam Foxworthy and Gene Green, newly appointed W.L. Public Works Director. Topics discussed included moving the existing crosswalk at Santa Anita and Churchill Downs to the north edge of the intersection, redoing the plantings in the Santa Anita median strip, the t-intersection at Pimlico and Highway 43, and traffic calming on Sunset and Pimlico. GUEST SPEAKER JODY CARSON, WEST LINN COUNCILPERSON. Jody briefed the membership on the upcoming police levy vote in May. She noted that it is a replacement levy, not an add-on. She also announced that there will be an official drop box at City Hall. A sign-up sheet was circulated for volunteers for lawn signs and door-to-door outreach. GUEST SPEAKER KEVIN BRYK, PRESIDENT OF THE ROBINWOOD NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION. Kevin explained the new transportation committee charge with examining alternatives to the current configuration of Highway 43 through West Linn. The consultant hired by the City, Cogen Owens Cogen, is funded by a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation. The committee’s work must be completed by June 30th because it is the end of the state fiscal year, and the funds cannot be carrid over. Ideas on the table include widening the highway, adding a bicycle lane and/or walking path, left turn lanes for southbound traffic, etc. GUEST SPEAKER SKIP ORMSBY, PRESIDENT BIRDS HILL CPO. Skip brought everyone up to date on the Lake Oswego-Portland transportation study, which is examining commuting between the two cities. He noted that West Linn residents account for a sizable portion of bus ridership into Portland and that West Linn still does not have a vote in any decisions made by the committee charged with recommending alternatives to alleviate the heavy vehicle traffic during rush hours. NEXT MEETING DATE TO BE MAY 15, 2007 ADJOURNMENT. There being no other business to come before the membership, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM by President Lynn C. Fox. Recorded by HSNA Secretary Charles R. Lytle.