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MINUTES HIDDEN SPRINGS NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION FEBRUARY 15, 2005 In attendance APPROVED MARCH, 15, 2005 Acting President Lynn Fox Secretary Donna Baker Council member Michael Gates Lochs Fest representative Sandy Carter WLPD Gabby Deets WLPD David Kempas WLPD Al Bunch Brian Brown and Gordon Howard West Linn City Hall Approximately 26 members were in attendance including officers plus approximately six guests. The meeting was called to order by Lynn Fox at 7:00 PM. Minutes of the previous meeting were distributed for perusal by the members. Donna Baker, Secretary-Treasurer, presented a report regarding the monies dispersed and how they were used and the balance remaining in the account. Commissioner Gates gave a spirited and informative presentation regarding the Vision Goals of the Council and creating a sustainable city. Sandy Carter, representing the Heritage Committee and the Willamette Falls Loch gave a presentation regarding current activities and fundraising to support the Loch Festival. Chuck Lytle, By Law Committee Chair, presented a report on the status of updated By-laws. Al Belais moved to adopt the updated By-laws, Shirley Curske seconded the motion, discussion ensued and the motion was vetoed. Barbara Eden moved that we vote on acceptance of the By-laws at the March, 2005 meeting, Harvey Schultz seconded, discussion followed and the motion was passed. Gabby Deets of the West Linn Police Department, animal control officer, gave an informative presentation regarding responsible cat ownership and the benefits of licensing cats. West Linn Planning Department Director Brian Brown and Senior Planner Gordon Howard presented a report regarding annexation proceeding on Parker Road and at a second site at Kaptyns and Valley View. These annexations are being considered at the March 14th meeting of the City Council. Information can be obtained by consulting the Planning websites where reports can be examined. Harvey Shultz moved that the minutes from the January 18, 2005 meeting be approved, Chuck Lytle seconded and the motion was passed unanimously. Lynn Fox presented a brief report regarding the proposed increase in speeds. Her information is incomplete, awaiting a response from the chair of the Traffic Safety Committee. Bob Thomas requested that the acting President contact the City Manager regarding policy of chairing a committee with a City Employee. Kurt Somers and Harvey Schultz independently provided information from letters they had received from City Engineer Ron Hudson stating that the speeds on Santa Anita and Hidden Springs were not currently under consideration to be increased. The acting President will follow up and provide additional information when available. A crosswalk will be installed on Santa Anita between Horton and Churchill Downs Way and a stop sign may be installed at a later date. Adjorned at 9:00 PM. Respectfully submitted, Lynn Fox, acting President, and Donna Baker, Sec/Treasurer, February 16, 2005