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BHTNA Meeting Minutes September 29, 2009 The meeting was called to order by Sue Jones who then proceeded to give a brief history of the BHTNA. Sue Jones then rolled out the agenda of the neighborhood association (NA) meeting which included Election of officers and the solar highway trail. She asked the attendees if there were any other issues to be discussed tonight. Bill Weber of Riverknoll Way asked what the difference is between NA's and Homeowners Association. Sue responded NA’s can work directly with and are recognized by the city. Bob and Jenny Clearwater said they were concerned with regard to traffic and solicitation in the neighborhood. There was discussion but no resolution. David Grelewicz explained the roles and responsibilities of the NA officers. Margaret Juarez asked a question with regard to the NA funds. Sue Jones explained that the funds are put into a NA bank account and a debit card is issued to the board members. The funds have been used for the past three years for landscaping in conjunction with the BH Homeowners Assoc. A question was asked with regard to the membership guidelines and the difference between a member of the NA and a home owner. Sue Jones and David Grelewicz explained that all home owners are eligible to be members but they must attend at least one NA meeting to become a member of it. OFFICER NOMINATIONS: The floor was opened for NA officer nominations. Rick Mishaga nominated Steve Garner as President, which was seconded by Bill Weber. Margaret Juarez nominated herself for secretary/treasurer. This was seconded by multiple attendees. Steve Garner nominated Margaret Tolan as Vice President, this was seconded by Sue Jones. Steve asked to make a statement prior to the vote. He explained that, if he is voted President of the NA that his sole focus is the Solar Highway Trail. He understands there are other issues such as litter, solicitation, etc… but wants this understood. Sue commented that we could form a committee to address issues such as the traffic committee and attend city committees. Additional discussion revolved around solicitation and signage. Permanent signage is against the BH homeowners CC&R's. A sign has been erected and needs to be addressed. Sue asked a question with regard to the traffic committee for volunteers to be on the committee. There were no volunteers at this time, it was noted that the focus is the solar highway trail. A motion was put forth to unanimously elect all officer positions. Motion was seconded 21 yes votes. 0 no votes Steve took the floor to discuss the solar project. Steve asked the question if everyone was in favor of solar energy - all attendees said yes. Steve then asked if anyone was in favor of the proposed solar highway/trail. All said no. Steve then began a dialog with regard to pulling together subject matter experts- he supplied a document to the members with a list of areas of concern/need. The following is a list of the tasks to be completed and any person(s) who have volunteered for the task(s). 1st area - PR, we need to be in constant contact with various publications to be able to shape their news. STEVE GARNER A proposal was put out to the members to develop a series of letters to these publications to get our views out into the public. We need to identify/procure an expert that could debunk the formal statement made by TVFR with regard to fire hazard in the area. We need to document in detail the native species that are in danger due to the solar highway trail. Rick volunteered to address the biology focus fire hazard as well as the species study, make contact with the Conservation/Environmental groups. Cindy Garner will volunteer to get in contact with the interested party liaisons. RICK MISHAGA/CINDY GARNER Bill will request the meeting minutes from the Sept 14th meeting minutes from Kirsten Wyatt, City of West Linn. BILL WEBER Health concerns- Doug Ainsly and wife Steve Garner will work the PGE and ODOT angle City council - Bill Weber TVFR - Margaret Tolan Develop a petition to get all homeowners to sign on in unison to be delivered to city hall. We need to get other NA's to sign onto our cause David Hannah - fund raising Other issues?? At what point do we feel we will need a war chest? Roughly December 2009 - Feb 2010 Steve asked if anyone would be willing to contribute funds? Most hands were raised. Next meeting to be called Oct 13th 2009, 7:00pm at WL City Hall.