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Barrington Heights, Tanner Woods, Hidden Creek Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Date: January 6, 2005 Time: 7pm Attendees: David Grelewicz, Shelly Zimmerman, Bill Fitzer, Patty Davis Recorded by: Patty Davis, Secretary 1. David showed us map and written doc stating that Barrington Lane would not go through to Parker Drive. 2. Discussion of the speed bump vs. raised crosswalks. Three locations under review are: 1) Stonegate Bridge and Fairhaven on Beacon Hill Drive, 2) North Hampton and South Hampton Cts. on Fairhaven Drive and 3) Imperial Drive. 3. David has been attending the some City Traffic Meetings and in touch with Sue Jones on the Barrington Traffic Committee. David reiterated his position that the city should be paying for these crosswalks. 4. A FAQ mailing is to go out to all BHT Neighborhood residents with requests for private funds and obtaining support (or no support) for this project. The Barrington Traffic Committee is putting this together. No definite date yet. 5. Can the funds collected for the crosswalks be put into a NA account? Is there one? Bill to check with Pam on this and get back to Dave? 6. Proposed that David contact Sue Jones regarding the $1500 NA funds. They can be used if a contractor can complete the project by June 30 so we can have a receipt to give to the city or use the funds for something else. 7. Shelly brought up topic of doing a social function with the money from the city. The Adult center is only available on June 18 for the month of June. May is too busy for most people with sports and school functions. Three of the attendees will not be in town that weekend 6/18. Discussion regarding work involved, given the turnout of last year and if it was worth it. Who would do the work and be there for the event? A pot-luck dinner at Willamette was discussed as well. 8. Unanimous decision to shelve a social function if the money could be used to make the neighborhoods safer (i.e. crosswalks). If the project does not collect enough money and support then we will hold another meeting to discuss. David to give Sue a date of 3/30/05 for a status of the crosswalk project. 9. Next meeting to be 3/31/05. 10. Patty to attend the BH HOA meeting on 1/12/05 and relay any pertinent information. David may attend as well.