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Barrington Heights, Tanner Woods, Hidden Creek Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Date: August 24, 2004 Time: 7pm Attendees: David Grelewicz, Shelly Zimmerman, Bill Fitzer, Pam Yokubaitis, Patty Davis Recorded by: Patty Davis, Secretary 1. Pam gave Patty the returned invites for the 2004 Social Event. Will send excel spreadsheet of addresses. 2. Large book of info was handed over to David G. from Pam. 3. The $1500.00 from the city should be received from John Atkins by June 30. John is our liaison with the city. John is at City Hall and will post items to web site from David G only. 4. Pam gave to Patty 5 items noted at annual meeting from Melissa. Pam suggests getting Barrington Heights e-mail connected for notices and try to “bridge gap” with PHOA. Suggest allowing BHTNA news to be posted with BHOA news and flyer. 5. Pam told us Sandy Farley is the city manager. She should address any dead tree issues in common areas and point out if necessary the public safety issues if there is one. 6. Discussion about how important it is to attend the West Linn traffic committee meetings on Wednesdays. David G, Shelly or Patty will try to cover. 7. Pam to update bylaws, send out and post to website.