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Neighborhood Association Presidents Meeting with West Linn City Council 6/25/03 Meeting Summary by Pam Yokubaitis Mayor David Dodds welcomed all attendees at 7 PM. Self introductions were made. City handed out 2003-2004 City Council Priorities listing for discussion and reviewed 2001-2003 Council accomplishments. Neighborhoods then discussed their issues of concern, needs, and asked questions. The following are highlights of this meeting: § Due to the presence of City Council leaders, questions were directed to Council leaders, not at other neighborhood associations’ (NA) representatives. Thus, to see what other NAs are doing, we can email the Presidents directly as needed. List of all NA leaders will be provided by Pam Yokubaitis to our NA leaders. § West Linn’s website has the ability for our NA to post all items of interest for our residents, therefore, Mike Fullman’s website could perhaps be utilized by Barrington Heights HOA to stay connected and reduce their mailing costs. Taryn Shapiro, BHT VP will discuss this with Mike. Pam Yokubaitis will work with John Atkins at City Hall to get items for our NA posted on the city website. The website address is: § On the City website home page is a new form: the Vacation House Check form. The West Linn Police Department will keep an eye on your home while you're away. Fill out and mail in your "Vacation House Check" card today. § The Old Fashion Fair Parade at Willamette Park has been renamed to Old Time Fair because the former name is owned by another party. Dates of event is 7/22 – 7/27/03. See City website for more details. § There will be a chili cook off amongst willing Neighborhood Associations on Sunday, July 27th at the Old Time Fair. NA funds can be used to purchase food. Cooking on site begins at 9AM. Judging at noon on taste and presentation. People will pay to taste chili; what to do with money received yet to be determined. All tables, cooking utensils, etc. to be supplied by NA. A trophy will be awarded to the NA winner and passed amongst NAs from year to year. Let Pam Yokubaitis know if you’re interested in participating because more details will follow. § A privately funded fireworks display will occur at the Cedar Oak boat ramp on Thursday, July 3rd at 9 PM. All welcomed; should be a good local event for kids. § A second City Council meeting with NA Presidents will be scheduled later this year due to the interest shown. Date to be determined. § There will be an annual Volunteer Picnic for all NA leaders at the Senior Center in September. More details when known. § Each year the NA Presidents can be provided with the CDC: City Development Code manual, free of charge. Pam has requested one for reference. § Pam inquired if there were any plans to proceed with Phase II of Stonegate development (behind Fairhaven residents on the North side). City Council knew of none, but someone at City Hall will call me to verify this. § Stonegate residents belong to the Sunset Neighborhood Association. § Police survey will begin in early August. Taryn Shapiro (BHTNA VP) and Ted Watson (BHT representative to Police Advisory Board) will assist in this endeavor. The meeting was 3 ½ hours long and adjourned at 10:15 PM.