Library Use Value Calculator

Library Use Value Calculator

Ever wondered how much your household would have to pay out-of-pocket for the services your library provides? Want to estimate the return on investment (ROI) for your library tax dollars? Our
Library Use Value Calculator is just the tool you need!

We've preloaded the calculator with numbers reflecting our patrons' average monthly household usage. If you'd like to change the numbers to reflect your household's specific usage, simply
enter in the left hand column the number of times per month your household uses each library service. The calculator will estimate the retail value of each
service in the right hand column. At the bottom, the total monthly value of your library usage will be displayed, as well as the return on investment (ROI) for
a typical West Linn taxpaying household.

Tip: Tab between entries and do not use commas.

Each month, how many... Monthly Use Monthly Value

Value of services your household receive monthly from your library: $

For every $1.00 in taxes used to support your library,
your household receives an estimated $0.00 of value in return*.

*Calculations based on an average household size of 2.3 people, and an average annual household tax assessment of $163