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Willamette Neighborhood Association February 11, 2009 Meeting was called to order by Beth Kieres. Introductions followed. Treasurer’s report: $2,333.33. Clarification is requested as to the amount that is yoga class money. Beth will also inquiry as to the balance of the WNA annual funds from the City. New Business Rhonda Coakley from Advantage Office Suites on Blankenship introduced that business which has available executive suites for rent or lease and other support for local businesses. Willamette Neighborhood Association vision update 2009 Stephanie Nicoletti briefly discussed the original document, which was adopted and presented to the city council in 2003. The basic elements were again reaffirmed at a WNA meeting this winter and now we need to reexamine the specific tactical planning within the goals for this year. A sub committee is meeting next Sunday to draft that document and ideas are welcome from the NA. 1) It was proposed that the City be encouraged to have historic resource person/ preservation officer on staff to deal with planning issues and code enforcement in the historic and business overlay zones. 2) We would like the code reexamined that allows for higher ratio of square foot footprint of building, including auxiliary and garage units, to overall lot size in the historic district than elsewhere. Anyone with other specific ideas to suggest for inclusion can review the vision statement on the City website and email the WNA. Jerry Offer, representing OTAK, presented a proposal for its client, Arbor Homes, for revision of the subdivision at Arbor Cove changing 6 lot lines to increase the lot size in order to build duplexes or patio homes as they as called. The area is zoned 4.5 and single family homes or duplexes are allowed. The increase area would come from the conservation easement area, which is not buildable and would be protected from individual usage by the homeowners’ agreement. This application will go to the Planning Department in March and the Planning Commission in May and there will opportunity for public comment. Brad Hosmar from Arbor Custom Homes presented a design sketch of the homes. They would be mixed in with the single family homes, and appear similar in design and square footage. They would have a single car garage only with parking required in the garage; the units would not be mirror images of each. The developer’s goals are to offer more variety of homes. These will be smaller and at a somewhat lower cost. A meeting has been held with the homeowner already in the subdivision. Concerns were voiced about additional parking needs and possible impact of duplexes on one of the streets. A motion was made seconded and passed that the WNA in general supported the concept but had a number of concerns. The group requested that alternative lots be considered to minimize possible parking impact and maintain curb appeal with varied architectural appearance at the curb. Jerry will bring any further changes to the plan to the WNA and added that there will be opportunity for comments at the public meetings. Announcements Gail Holmes announced that there will be a meeting of the merchant group looking into Main Street grants at Bullseye on 2/12 at 5:30pm. This is the early exploratory stage of involvement in the program. There will be a training session 3/19 and 3/20 in Lake Oswego for further help with developing the grants Midge Pierce will continue to look at year long activities to celebrate the Oregon 150th birthday. Our project for May 16 is to work on the beds on WFDr and repair the damage done by the storm to the centennial pathway in the park. Beth has applied for the $100 grant for that. Elizabeth Rocchia commented on the book Willamette Landings that had a lot of interesting historical information on the area Meeting Adjourned Next Meeting March 11 7pm Elizabeth will see about getting the bank meeting room on Sunday 2/22 1pm-4pm for the vision group Submitted, Stephanie Nicoletti, acting as Secretary