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WILLAMETTE NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION January 10, 2007 The meeting was opened by Co-chair Alice Johansson at 7:02 p.m. Introductions followed. The minutes of the December 13, 2006 meeting were approved as corrected. There is $ 2,499.20 in the treasury. No checks were written last month. NEW BUSINESS 1. A Planning Resources, Inc. representative explained the proposed zoning changes at 2008-2011 13th Street. Currently zoned R-10 (allowing 6 houses). Builder wants a zone change to R-7 (allowing 10 houses). A planned 10-unit single-family home development is proposed (some attached, some free-standing), with 6 homes on one side of 13th Street and 4 on the other. There will be a planter strip and sidewalk at the front of the houses on 13th. Trees on the site are to be assessed for significance. Utilities are readily available or in existence. The homes are to be 2,800 sq. ft. per unit. There will be no changes made to 13th Street. Tree planting as a sound buffer from the I-205 is planned. Home price will be in the $425-475,000 range. Application is to be submitted in two weeks. Increased traffic is a concern of the community. Most of that coming from I-205 traffic and traffic trying to avoid the I-205. Trips per day are estimated to be 9.8 per household. There will be on-street parking available on both sides of the street. Concern was raised about the availability of water and the exterior facades. Home exteriors do not match the existing neighborhood or blend in with homes already there. There is, however, a certain amount of flexibility in the city’s interpretation of “blending in.” A walking trail is planned within the deeded open space next to Exit 6 (10th Street off-ramp) on the I-205 and will be available to the general public. Neighborhood sentiment is against granting a zone change. Neighbors support requiring the builder to maintain existing trees (especially a tree on the east property that is challenged by a recently installed driveway). Tricia Herrera made a motion: Based on the current information, the Neighborhood association does not support a zone change and wants the architectural profiles of the proposed homes to be more compatible with the profiles of the existing structures in the neighborhood. Bryan Wynn seconded the motion. Motion passed. OLD BUSINESS 1. Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Update - The fire department recommends that homeowners have all fireplace flues safety inspected annually and only seasoned firewood should be used to avoid creosote buildup. Dampers should be kept open if embers are still active. Also, a carbon monoxide detector is a wise investment for all fireplace users. Make sure your space heater has a tip over switch and make sure cords do not present a trip hazard. Make sure your generator is outside your home AND garage. 2. Michelle Eberle, representing the city council,l was present to discuss the upcoming police levy and the possible repercussions if the levy does not pass. She asked for feedback from the community about the issues concerned and will take that information back to the city council for follow up. 3. Community Policing Update - Crime numbers are down as people are keeping valuables out of cars and keeping them locked. An identity theft seminar is planned for 1/31/07 at West Linn City Hall at 7:00 p.m. Sgt. Mike Boyd will be presenting. 4. Tannler West and Willamette Marketplace have been approved. Dollar Street proposal has not yet been accepted. Water availability is still an issue with the city. 5. 2008 Centennial Celebration – Ruth asked that a planning task force be formed. Elizabeth Rocchia, Danny Schreiber, and Patricia Herrera expressed interest in serving. 6. Thursday pre-application meeting was attended by Charles Awalt. Owner of a home on 4th near 13th plans to build and Arts & Crafts type house on a vacant lot behind a Victorian style home in the historic district. Actual plans for home were discussed. No action taken by WNA. Final plans will have to be approved by the Historic Review Board. At the December 21, 2006 pre-app meeting, the Willamette Cove property plans were presented. Changes are to minimize setback on the front and sides of homes. The number of houses and all other features will stay the same. Once the plans are approved, building should start within a year. The proposal to remove Fields Bridge should be presented to the city shortly. Danny Schreiber, a neighborhood homeowner brought plans for a proposed dormer he wants to add on to the back of his house. Plans fit the profile of the neighborhood and those present were pleased with Mr. Schreiber’s courtesy in bringing his plans to the meeting. Charles Awalt. made a motion to support the remodeling proposal presented by Danny Schreiber of 1870 6th Avenue. Stephanie Butler seconded the motion. Motion passed. 7. The 10th Street Transportation Planning Committee is currently considering ideas from the community about the issues involved. That information will be studied and considered before any decisions are made 8. There are no plans for a Saturday planter cleanup until March, 2007. Elizabeth Rochia plans to take out some of the smashed plants in front of L’il Cooperstown and replace them with roses or barberry. 9. Announcements and other issues - Stephanie Butler, a very concerned homeowner, asked for help with parking problems arising from increased business activity. There is an increased amount of parking in front of her house, causing repeated damage to her vehicles and lack of a space to park. She has no off-street parking so must park in front of her home. Several helpful suggestions were shared with Stephanie. The Traffic & Safety Committee meets at city hall and might have further suggestions. Alice Johansson will bring the issue to the next committee meeting. Meeting was adjourned by Ruth Offer at 9:40 p.m. Next meeting is February 14, 2007.