Phase 1

Shaping the future of West Linn Over the summer of 2011, City staff met with neighborhoods and surveyed residents to find out what they wanted to see in the Highway 43/Willamette Falls Drive corridor over the next 20-30 years. Nearly 95 percent of the survey respondents think the corridor could be improved. They identified current problems that they want addressed and expressed their ideas for the long term future of the area. See the survey results below and the Neighborhood Meetings page for additional information. These efforts culminated with a Community Workshop on September 29th and a Draft Concept Vision later in the fall.  See the related pages for more information on these efforts.  The workshop was designed to get the thoughts and opinions of West Linn's residents to help shape the city's future.  Then, these preferences were captured in a concept vision designed to encourage desirable change and discourage undesirable change as the area evolves. Important choices included: Should the property along the Willamette River between Bolton and Willamette be retained for industrial use or eventually redeveloped? Do you want to see an historic interpretive center with shops, restaurants and a hotel? Residential development? A park? Do you want to continue the pattern of strip commercial development along Highway 43, or do you want to provide for more concentrated development in mixed use centers offering a variety of goods and services?  The community's responses to these questions were discussed at the community workshop and are captured in the draft concept vision. For more information, contact Sara Javoronok at 503-722-5512, or Zach Pelz at 503-723-2542,