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Highway 43/Willamette Falls Drive Vision: About the Project

Cities change. Rather than reacting to development pressures, the West Linn City Council wants the community to create a vision for the Highway 43/Willamette Falls Drive corridor that the City can implement to encourage desirable change and discourage undesirable change.  Phase I began in 2011 with an assessment of the community's desires for the long-term future of the corridor and culminated with a City-wide workshop in September 2011 and a concept vision for the corridor that was presented to the City Council in November 2011. Staff presented multiple implementation options for the second phase of the project along with the concept vision. In 2012, the City Council, as part of their goal setting process, decided to proceed with several Phase II implementation options:

  • Transportation Improvements – The concept vision identified several transportation improvements that will be addressed in the upcoming Transportation System Plan (TSP) update:
    • Complete streets, which are streets that provide for vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians but give a priority to pedestrians and bicyclists in the Centers and improve traffic flow elsewhere on Highway 43 and Willamette Falls Drive
    • Protected bikeways where feasible
    • Safe pedestrian crossings in key locations
    • Improved transit stops and service
  • Feasibility analysis and master plan for the Blue Heron site, which will provide for an alignment for the proposed esplanade
  • Evaluation of the Centers as part of the economic development plan process.

For more information contact Sara Javoronok at 503-722-5512, or Zach Pelz at 503-723-2542,