West Linn: Just for Residents

  • Maps / GIS |

    The West Linn City Atlas includes detailed street address maps and a variety of other useful city maps.

    Download the whole Atlas

    Find steet and address maps using the interactive grid map

    Scroll down to see individual atlas maps

  • Public Works |

    West Linn design and construction policies regulate all public funded and development funded public improvements constructed for the City of West Linn.

  • Planning |

    Home-based businesses provide a means for convenient and auto-independent employment for residents of West Linn. Home occupation permits reviewed by the City’s Planning Department help to ensure that these activities are conducted in a manner that is complimentary to the principal residential use of the neighborhoods in which they occur.

  • Public Works |
    Free Sand and Sandbags

    The City of West Linn has made sand and sandbags available for West Linn residents during periods of heavy rains and potential flooding.

    All sites are self-service. Please bring a shovel.



    Behind Old Bolton Station on Failing Street. (6000 Failing Street, 97068)

    Willamette Park Playground/Picnic Area on 12th Street (1100 12th Street, 97068)

    For information contact West Linn Public Works at 503-656-6081 or send email to jrandall@westlinnoregon.gov

  • Parks and Recreation |

    Friends of Maddax Woods work to create awareness and improvements of the park. The Friends would appreciate your help!

    * VOLUNTEER - work parties occur regularly
    * JOIN - membership builds support and keeps you connected
    * SEND - a donation of money, plants or time
    * VISIT OFTEN - and invite a friend
    * PARTICIPATE - your time and talent make a difference
    * SUGGESTIONS - welcome

  • Planning |

    The City has completed selective reconnaissance level surveys for several neighborhoods in the City: Bolton, Sunset, and Willamette.  The surveys are considered "selective" since they looked at properties over 45 years of age.  A property is generally only able to be determined to be "historic" if it is over 50 years of age.

  • Parks and Recreation |



  • Planning |

    You can securely register your home-based business online and pay via credit card, check, or cash. The business license form and home occupation form have been combined to simplify the process. You are no longer required to fill out two separate forms.

    Online Business License Applications and Renewals

    Home Occupany License Details

  • Police |

    If you have been a victim of identity theft file a report with the police department immediately. Get a copy of the report or the number of your report in case your bank, credit card company, or insurance company needs proof of the crime. Even when you discover you are a victim of identity theft, it takes months of frustrating effort to clear your name and credit history. Guard your personal information. Guard your mail. Guard your wallet or purse. Guard your phone and internet. Guard your trash.

  • Library |

    We welcome any resident of Clackamas, Multnomah or Washington counties in Oregon, or Clark County in Washington, to get a free library card at West Linn Public Library. You may print out and complete a library card application (see bottom of page) and bring it in to the library. You'll need to bring photo identification and something that shows your current address (a driver's license or piece of mail addressed to you, or a lease or sales agreement for your home, etc.). You may also pick up a card application at the library.

  • Finance |

    Please contact us in the Finance Department if we can be of service in anyway - our general number is 503-656-4261 or email Nancy at nevett@westlinnoregon.gov

    If you prefer the immediate assistance or attention of the Chief Financial Officer, please contact Richard Seals directly at 503-722-5505 or by email at rseals@westlinnoregon.gov

  • Neighborhoods |

    Help the City of West Linn win a $10,000 grant! The top three cities with the most sign-ups per capita through Dec. 22 will each win a $10,000 grant. Receive Trusted, Up-To-Date Neighborhood Public Safety and Community Information directly from our department by text message and email. No Cost, simple, reliable. Register Now by clicking here http://local.nixle.com/register/ In an attempt to better communicate with our residents, the City of West Linn City Hall and Police Department have begun to use Nixle.com.

  • Police |

    Effective July 1, 2010, West Linn dog licensing is managed by Clackamas County. Please click here to license your dog or call Clackamas County at 503-655-8628. The West Linn Police Department will work closely with Clackamas County to ensure that all lost and found dogs are returned to their owners using the Clackamas County licensing system. Thank you.

  • Planning |

    Approval or denial of an application is based upon standards and approval criteria. The decision-maker must decide whether or not to approve the application based solely on the applicable criteria and on the information provided in the record. See the supporting documents below to a summary of the Public Hearing Procedure and Developmental Review Approval Criteria.

    Link to the Community Development Code

  • Finance |


    In this quarterly report, for the first three months ended September 30, 2008, you will find an overview of department goals and tasks beside each Fund's financial results.

    Budgeted data is also presented showing how each fund is tracking against their annual budget for the fiscal year 2008-09 which will end in June 2009.