Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes April 27, 2010 Location: West Linn City Hall, Council Chambers CALL TO ORDER John Sramek, Vice President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. PRESENT 16 members and 5 guest present. The meeting attendance sign-in sheet is in our files and is available upon request. SECRETARY’S REPORT Minutes of the previous meeting January 26, 2010 and March 9, 2010 were available and approved. TREASURER’S REPORT City of West Linn – NA Stipend Account 2009/10 Opening balance New Fiscal Year Budget (July ’09 – June ‘10) $1,500.00 07/01/09 carry over from ’08-’09 372.82 Closing balance - September 2009 $ 1,872.82 SNA – Discretionary Funds Opening balance (July’09 - June’10) $686.11 09/10/09 100 fliers September mtg @ .49 ea -49.00 09/15/09 Meeting Refreshments -15.26 10/29/09 Meeting Refreshments -12.00 01/26/10 Meeting Refreshments and batteries -12.00 03/05/10 100 fliers March mtg -9.00 Closing balance – January $ 588.85 ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. Rob Krugler, residing at 4855 Summit St., announced his effort to change the zoning on properties adjacent to Renaissance Point development from R10 to R7. 2. Lock Fest – May 15th food, demonstrations, and tour of the paper mill. For more info www.willamettefalls.org or call 503-650-0649. GUEST PRESENTATIONS 1. Update on ballot for the Police Station, Vic Lancaster and Dennis Richey: Mr. Lancaster and Mr. Richey spoke about the pressing need for a new police station. The current station is old, cramped, falling apart, and is not up to current seismic standards. In addition, the police cars parked behind the station are parked on land owned by the paper mill, therefore, in order to expand, the city would have to acquire the parking lot via condemnation. To support all of this he showed a 14-minute video presentation. 2. Proposed new shed for Public Works facility on Norfolk St.: Mike Cardwell, Sanitary Sewer Superintendent and Sam Foxworthy, Streets Superintendent talked about the new equipment shed to be built. In an effort to mitigate the concerns of the neighbors, various shrubs and bushes will be planted around the shed. Also, the color of the shed will match existing structures. 3. City of West Linn Engineering Manager, Dennis Wright: His visit was a follow-up to the meeting January 26, 2010, when the Falls View parking issue was addressed. Dennis displayed a map of the Hemlock/Falls View/Pine Street area. He proposed that the Falls View Street be converted to one-way in an effort to provide additional parking spaces. The home owners along Falls View had requested the city to eliminate three parking spots in front of their homes. A no parking sign was put up by the city to accomplish this. The home owners would like to be able to park in front of their own homes if needed, whereas the residents of the apartment complex also think that they can use these three parking places as well. Another important issue in this area is safety and convenience: can fire trucks, garbage trucks, street sweepers, and moving vans have access? It was also noted that the designated parking lots for the two apartment complexes were not being fully utilized by the tenants because of inconvenience. Pine Street, because of its width and slope, is not able to handle additional parking. The city did a survey on two different dates at 8pm to determine the utilization of the current parking around the apartment complex. The conclusion was that not all the existing parking spots are being used. Following the above discussions, a motion was passed 13 – 0 as follows; “A motion that the city council authorize public works to ‘examine’ the drainage problem, improve street lighting, consider street cleaning; and that city engineer Dennis Wright contact the apartment owners to open up additional parking places to the residents.” OLD BUSINESS 1. Sunset School Status Update: Doug Vokes, past SNA president, presented the new proposed layout for the Sunset School situated at the Oxford St location. The primary reason the school wants to buy 1.6 acres of Sunset Park is to give the school district enough space to allow for approximately 75 parking spaces, which is less than 100 spaces that were desired at the Oppenlander location. The size of the current school property for Sunset Primary, according to the school district, is not large enough to build a school and provide 75 parking places. Additional land is needed, therefore, the school wants to buy the 1.6 acres of Sunset Park. Concerns brought up: • The school does not have a finite plan for the school – reason is that they don’t want to spend money on architects until they have the land secured. • Location of the wading pool and play structure. • If the school doesn’t need all of the 1.6 acres of park, will they maintain it as park land • If the measure fails and the school district decides to move Sunset School elsewhere, what will happen to the property? 2. 5th Annual Sunset Neighborhood Picnic: Sunday, June 27th 1-4pm Sunset Park. Hamburgers and hot dogs, etc served. Music by GlobalFM. Come and meet your neighbors. 3. Sunset Neighborhood Plan Implementation Priorities – Work Plan Update: No updates at this time. NEW BUSINESS 1. 2nd Annual Take Care of West Linn Day – Saturday, May 15th: Doug and Doreen Vokes are organizing an ivy pull in Wilderness Park from 9-11am. Doughnuts provided. Meet at parking lot corner of Clark and Skyline Dr. The city is going to provide food and beverages for all volunteers at Hammerle Park from 12-1:30pm for a complimentary meal. ADJOURNMENT With no further business before the SNA, the Vice President adjourned the meeting at 9:15pm. ***5th Annual Sunset Neighborhood Picnic/Concert June 27th 1-4pm *** **Next meeting will be in September TBA, 2010 @ 7pm. ** Respectfully submitted by Doreen Vokes, Secretary of the SNA. SNA OFFICERS President, Troy Bowers 503-703-7303 bowerst@msa-ep.com Vice President, John Sramek 503-320-2077 johns@jsremodel.com Secretary/Treasurer, Doreen Vokes 503-650-2072 dsekov@msn.com For association info and meeting minutes, or for general city information, visit www.westlinnoregon.gov ***please note new web site address***