Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

March 2, 2004



Location:  Sunset Primary School Cafeteria



Barry Hendrix, Vice President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.


Secretary Susan Sutton announced that minutes from the October 7, 2002 SNA meeting were available at a side table.






Community Policing coordinator Neil Hennely introduced the Sunset Neighborhood officers:   Rick Singer and Peggy Jones.  They reported on the statistics for the Sunset Neighborhood for the months of Nov., Dec., and Jan. which included 1 traffic accident, 10 residence alarms, 13 animal complaints, 32 public assistance calls, 2 cases of ID theft, 13 nuisance calls, and 6 thefts.  The thefts are usually due to garage doors left open, or items left in the car.  Most of the thieves are not from West Linn.  The police dept. is encouraging neighborhoods to restart Neighborhood Watch programs.  Block captains are needed to step forward.  The premise is that if you know your neighbors, you can look out for each other.  Crimes that are solved are the cases where people call/get involved.

Handouts were made available, including handouts on neighborhood watch, a home security audit checklist, etc.


Fire District Annexation:

Tim Burr, Division Chief at TVFR, presented information on TVFR.  

TVFR is a cooperative which began 14 years ago when several smaller fire departments (Cedar Mill, West Slope, etc.) merged.  Currently TVFR serves unincorporated parts of counties and 8 cities.  In 7/98, West Linn first contracted the services of TVFR.  The vote on annexation was originally slated for 2001.  TVFR guarantees a number of things with annexation, including:  new equipment in a timely fashion, no increase in taxpayers cost the first 5 years after annexation, and updating firehouses - a new station in Bolton within 3-5 years, in Willamette within 8 years.

Mayor Dodds was present and stated that the City Council unanimously endorses TVFR annexation.  A committee with members from the city, fire district and outside expertise determined that a significant capital investment would be required for West Linn to re-establish their own F.D., and services such as a training center and hazardous materials unit would still be lacking, all of which TVFR offers.  Another point made was that  water supply, communications, and fire dept. ratings help determine homeowner’s insurance rates, and TVFR is a class 3 rating “as good as it gets in OR”.  Another question was about a possible fire station on Rosemont.  The response was that West Linn call volume only justifies 2 stations.  Looking at stations and response times, the district determined at present it is best to keep one in Bolton and one in Willamette.  Also, there are agreements with adjoining fire departments which allows for a “closest force response”  for ex. in the Marylhurst area, TVFR responds jointly with Lake Oswego.  Sunset Neighborhood resident Ann Short stated that she felt very comfortable with the way TVFR had responded to residents concerns in regards to the fire several months ago on Windsor Terrace.  One concern had been the response time.  New fire engines will be able to climb the Skyline Drive hill considerably faster than the current engines.


West Linn Parks and Recreation Dept. Update for SNA

Ken Worcester, Director of Parks and Rec discussed 2 issues:

1.     A pocket park at the old water tower site off Cornwall near Rosemont and Summit.  This space has been designated as park space.  Money is available for a small playground.  It would be a walk-to park.  The possibility of a community garden was mentioned - it was felt the park is too heavily shaded.  Exercise stations set up for an adult exercise area was also mentioned, which may be a possibility.  A design/review notice will be given.

2.     A trail through Wilderness Park to the High School from the Skyline area has been discussed in the past and is feasible.  Is there any community interest in helping with this?  Please contact the Parks and Rec Dept.  Also, call Parks Dept. if any complaints/problems with a path etc.

There was a question concerning the appearance of the corner at the intersection of Lancaster and Parker and whether there was a chance this could be improved.  Parks Dept. can work on beautifying this corner.


SNA Boundary

John Atkins, the WL Community Services Coordinator, presented a map with the SNA boundaries, and discussed a mapping oversite involving  a portion of Imperial Drive, which had not been included in any neighborhood association.  It was  felt that a SNA designation was most appropriate for this area.  Neighborhood associations are free, and provide a way to communicate with City Council/elected leaders - size does not impact funding.  Patty McCoy moved to include this area in the SNA, the motion was seconded and carried.

Also mentioned was Congresswoman Darlene Hooley’s Open House on the Willamette Falls Locks on March 8th at City Hall form 5:30-7:30.  Supporters are needed to try to keep the locks open in the summer.  Also on May 15th, there will be a Lock Festival.


Goal 5 Project Update

Kristi Crowell, Associate Planner of West Linn, explained that the goal for 2003-2004 is to create protection programs, for ex. code in place to protect wildlife habitats.  (Riperian areas and wetlands are already protected).  There is a proposal for 2 new conservation districts, one of which is in the Midhill area.  There will be public hearings in regards to this in 2-3 months.





Possible agenda items for future meetings were elicited from those attending the meeting.  Interest was shown in having a presentation on the WL nuisance code by the code enforcement officer.  Nuisance complaints should be called in to the non-emergency phone number 503-635-0238.  The city has a whole series of nuisance codes, for example:  ordinance against inoperable cars - they must be moved off of the property.

Interest was also voiced for a discussion of a swimming pool proposal.  A bond measure and a serial levy would be required for a pool.


Other information mentioned included:  the city now repairs sidewalks, depending on the budget.  Residents can nominate areas for sidewalk infill where there are gaps.  The city budget proposal will be posted on the city website.


Election of new officers:  The following were nominated or indicated an interest in serving:  Patti McCoy as President, Barry Hendrix as Vice President, Doug Vokes as Treasurer and Secretary.  This slate was nominated, and upon motion seconded, voting members present approved the slate.


Dumpster Day scheduled for April 17th from 9am - 4pm.  No yard debris, no wet garbage.  Take hazardous waste to Metro in OR City for free.




With no further business before the SNA, President Patti McCoy adjourned the meeting at 9:00 pm.


Respectfully submitted by Susan Sutton, Secretary of the SNA.