June 18, 2012 RNA Briefing on Lake Oswego/Tigard Project

The agenda for the June 18, 2012 City Council Work Session is now available online. We wanted to provide some additional detail about item #2. This email will be forwarded using City email lists related to this project, and we greatly appreciate your assistance in disseminating it broadly. The below detailed agenda has been reviewed and approved by Robinwood Neighborhood Association leadership, and the RNA is currently working on the testimony portion of the meeting. Please email David Newell if you have any questions about the RNA presentation. The Work Session will begin at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers; the ‘Robinwood Neighborhood Association Briefing on Lake Oswego/Tigard Project’ is the first item on the agenda. West Linn City Council Work Session Robinwood Neighborhood Association Briefing on Lake Oswego/Tigard Project June 18, 2012 1. Introduction (2 minutes) – Mayor Kovash • Discusses why we are meeting tonight (specifically mentioning citizen e-mails received by councilors requesting a meeting) and how the Council will be referring much to the attorney to ensure that we are not saying or doing things that will put the Council in jeopardy of not being able to hear an appeal. The Council’s role tonight is simply to listen. 2. Legal Issues (5 minutes) – Chris Crean • Explanation of Oregon land use law and the process that must be followed. Include discussion of ex parte’ and bias. Why, by following these laws, we are meeting the spirit and letter of Goal 1 because the most transparent process is that which allows all to speak and be heard at the same time – both proponents and opponents of a project. • Current status of LOT land use application. Why was applicant allowed to suspend consideration of the application? If LOT decides to consolidate the applications, what legal provision allows this to happen? • Explanation that all interested parties will have the opportunity to participate in this process – at the proper time and proper venue, meaning PC hearing or CC hearing on appeal. 3. Testimony (20 minutes) – organized by the Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA) • Who speaks and what issues they wish to address is at the discretion of the RNA. The City’s attorney will monitor the statements in an effort to ensure the continued neutrality of Council members. 4. Thank you from Councilors (5 minutes) 5. Conclusion and wrap-up – Mayor Kovash (1 minute) • Process and schedule from here. • Greg McKenzie to meet with neighborhood on June 27 at West Linn Lutheran Church – downstairs meeting room. • Facilitated sessions expected to occur between partnership and neighborhood. • Planning Commission to continue hearing on application(s) at a date to be noticed. ###