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City of West Linn Robinwood Neighborhood Association (RNA, RN to be used for Robinwood Neighborhood) Monthly Meeting Minutes Tuesday, 3/11/2008 Kevin Bryck, President, called the meeting to order at 7:06 PM. Scott Sandie, RNA Treasurer, noted that the RNA fiscal year account balance was $1123.86 (plus an existing, small credit at the UPS store on Willamette Drive). The January and February 2008 RNA meeting minutes were unanimously approved. Items Discussed Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Lt. Mason of TVF&R noted that information would be available soon as to the status of Station 15. He also noted that rebuild processes were being considered for Stations 58 and 59. Seasonal concerns that he asked all residents to pay attention to were: a metal container is preferred for gas storage and cans should be stored away from ignition sources, rags soiled with paint or stain should be disposed of properly, and smoke detectors should be checked at this time. Lt. Mason told resident Jennifer Weltin that she should consult with TVF&R regarding any concerns related to the impact of property division on street egress, access, and hydrant quantity and location assessments. Proposed Office Building Next to Library Laura Horsey, Bolton neighborhood resident, spoke of her concerns (she also distributed a letter addressed to all West Linn citizens) about the plan to build a 35-foot high office building (bounded by a one-story office building) on property adjacent to or near the West Linn Library, Maddox Creek, and single-family residences. She asked that residents who feel that this is a poor use of this land voice their opposition by letter in advance of, or by appearance at the, City Council meeting on 3/17. Sharon Newman – Exiting Cedar Oak Principal Sharon Newman spoke about various topics including: the 50th anniversary of the school, increasing student population, new roof for school, resurfacing of tennis courts, renewal of property tax (11/08) – 50 teaching jobs would be eliminated from district if it fails, new principal Caroline Miller takes over on 7/1/08. Kantara Land-Use Application This next appears on the 4/28 City Council agenda. Robinwood Neighborhood Plan Review Update The RN plan is set to be reviewed by the City Council on 4/28 (a work session will precede this on 4/21). College Hills Update There are 43 single-family homes (on lots zoned for multi-family use) and a single, contiguous 6-acre green space section. Movement is being made to rezone the 43 lots to single-family. Kevin Bryck suggested getting 35 out of the 43 families to sign a petition (and take it to the city council) stating they agree with the rezoning concept. Neighborhood Association By-Laws Tina Decker said that the West Linn City Manager, Chris Jordan, is reviewing the bylaws, that the standardization of bylaws is now a lower priority for the city, and that Section 99 of the City Development Code and Section 2.100 of the West Linn Municipal Code speak to neighborhood associations. Committee Reports Fire Station (update by Kevin Bryck) • No city staff member could tell Jack Norby and Kevin Bryck who owns the fire station. • Ken Worcester is stewarding a pre-application process to change the facility to a community center (is currently zoned R-10) • The police department has shown interest in using it. Parks (update by Tina Decker) • No meeting date and time have been established yet • Items to be discussed will be Midhill and Robinwood parks, the property that abuts Mary S. Young state park, Cedar Oak boat ramp, and trails. Meeting Minutes 20080311 (2) Page 2 of 2 Streets (update by Curt Somner) • Curt is working with Tri-Met to see if a bus shelter can be installed at the bus stop at the intersection of Cedar Oak and 43. Tina Decker suggesting submitting a request for monies to the County Tourism and Development council. Riverside and Planning – No updates Miscellaneous Updates • A West Linn ‘Open Space’ (consistent with Goal 5 objectives) work session will occur on 3/19. • Goal 1 Coalition, non-profit, is hosting a ‘citizens’ rights during planning process’ workshop at West Linn City Hall on 4/10 at 6:00 PM. • Residents or entities interested in getting a grant from the city must submit their grant proposal by 5/20. • Money may soon be spent on interpretive signs to be placed along the old railroad trail. • Processes are currently in motion for a right-of-way (13500 sq. ft.) to be vacated thus allowing for a lot division to occur at 1358 Skye Parkway. • Kevin Bryck introduced Article 5 of the RN bylaws speaking to establishment and maintenance of committees. • Tina Decker spoke of funding available through the County Tourism and Development Council to offset various neighborhood expenses, including sign costs. Tina recommends that people interested in getting funding should speak to her. • Tina Decker noted that WL Farmer’s Market is being stewarded by a set of businesses and is moving to Tuesdays from 4:30 – 8:30 PM. • Tina Decker, new Library Board Chair, asked that residents submit their library comments to her. • Non-native plants will be removed from Cedar Island with heavy equipment and then assistance will be needed to replace them with native plants. Motions (motion voting results in parentheses after motion title) 1. Approval to Reimburse Kevin Bryck an Additional $141.80 for Neighborhood Signs Purchase After previously, at the January 2008 meeting, having a motion approved to reimburse Kevin $100 for sign costs, all eligible voters approved of reimbursing him, out of RN funds, for the balance of what he spent on the signs ($241.80 - $100 - $141.80). Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM. Minutes submitted by RNA Secretary, Scott Sandie Robinwood Neighborhood Association Agenda, Tuesday, 4/8/08 • Guests - Alice Richmond - Summer Concerts • Minutes of Previous Meetings and Treasurer’s Report • Announcements: o Planning Comm - 4 Lot Subdivision at 3484 Fairview Way - May 7th • City Council - CDC Changes - April 14th o Robinwood Nhd Plan - Work Session April 21st 6pm • Continued to April 28th o Kantara Appeal - Continued to April 28th • Updates: o Robinwood Neighborhood Plan before Council o CDC Changes o Committee Reports o By-law Changes • New Biz: o Accounting Online o Water Plan o City Boards and Commissions o Community Survey