West Linn/Oregon City Arch Bridge Project Update (April 2011)

Hydroblasting The hydroblasting inside the arch chambers is complete on the Oregon City and West Linn bridge piers. This work removed all the Gunite using high pressure water at 40,000 pounds per square inch (psi). This is difficult and dangerous work. The workers had to wear protective gear and the blasting created huge amounts of steam making it impossible to see.  The workers had to listen for the differences in sound to know when all the Gunite was off of a steel beam. We will post photos, soon, on our web site www.archrehab.com Bridge Column Repair Over the years, areas of corrosion developed where water seeped below the bridge deck and penetrated the concrete, damaging the steel columns at their attachment points to the deck and the arch. The bridge deck is being jacked up in various spots so that workers can remove concrete that surrounds the columns supporting the bridge. While the column is temporarily supported, the column steel connections are being repaired. So far the corrosion and repairs needed have not exceeded our expectations and that is good news. All of this work is done by hand by individual workers and much of it out of sight—inside the chambers, arches or under the bridge deck. Later in the project you will see larger equipment on the bridge as sections of the deck, sidewalks and railings are removed. Soon materials will be delivered to build a temporary support structure (falsework) on the Oregon City end of the bridge. It will support the span across 99E while the horizontal beams (girders) which attach the deck to the pier are repaired. Temporary Traffic Impacts on 99E In upcoming weeks, materials for the falsework will be delivered and construction work will require the closure of the right lane of southbound 99E during the day. For specific dates and more information, see the weekly construction report. Click on the link on the left side web page. Adjustments Made to Improve Traffic Flow When the bridge closed, the 13,500 vehicles that crossed daily, started using other routes to reach their destination. ODOT anticipated this and made adjustments to the traffic signals on I-205, OR99E and OR213 to balance mobility and safety. The overall priority is to minimize backups on the detour route, I-205 to help people get to where they are going safely and efficiently. ODOT adjusted the signal timing on OR 213 and 99E to increase the green signal time. On I-205, the ramp metering timing has been changed to keep traffic moving and the striping has been modified on the on- and off- ramps and merge lanes to increase traffic flow. ODOT constantly monitors these areas to see if additional changes are needed. Bridge Shuttle The Bridge Shuttle has carried 4,564 riders between West Linn and Oregon City from Jan. 14 to March 20. This is an daily average of 78 people on weekdays and 52 on weekend days. These include a daily average of 7 bicyclists per day on weekdays and 8.5 on weekends. The shuttle runs from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays. ODOT is reviewing the schedule as we have received many positive comments and requests for additional service. We will determine if service can be added given the available funding. Remember all businesses adjacent to the bridge are open. Please contact Susan Hanson if you have any questions: Susan Hanson Community Affairs Coordinator Oregon Department of Transportation - Region 1 123 NW Flanders | Portland, OR | 97209 503-731-3490 (desk) | 503-706-9814 (cell) | 503-731-3266 (fax) Susan.C.Hanson@odot.state.or.us Visit the ODOT Region 1 Web site: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION1/