Oregon City/West Linn Arch Bridge Rehabilitation Update - April 2012

The contractor is working in many areas of the project at once. • On both sides of the arch, West Linn and Oregon City, the sidewalks and railings have been demolished in preparation for the installation of new ones. • Inside the large white containment structure, repairs are being done, at night, on the steel hangers (columns). Also, shotcrete is being applied to the arch ribs. • The stringers (beams) that run under the deck the length of the bridge, are being replaced in locations were corrosion has weakened the stringers. • New bridge deck joints are being installed throughout the bridge. • In May, the barges are scheduled to move back into place under the bridge (depending on river water level). They will continue to provide a work platform and containment for bridge work from spring through early fall. On the Oregon City end of the bridge: • The sidewalks are poured and over the next few weeks, new rail posts will be poured. On the West Linn end of the bridge: • New sidewalks are being formed and poured. Bridge Shuttle Ridership The Shuttle has carried over 44,036 riders in 15 months, including over 6,619 people with bicycles. If you have questions or would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact me. Thank you, Susan Susan Hanson Community Affairs Coordinator Oregon Department of Transportation - Region 1 123 NW Flanders | Portland, OR | 97209 503-731-3490 (desk) | 503-706-9814 (cell) | 503-731-3266 (fax) Susan.C.Hanson@odot.state.or.us Visit the ODOT Region 1 Web site: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION1/