Frequently Asked Question: Why Is Salamo Road Being Repaved?

WEST LINN - The repaving of Salamo Road project is being funded primarily with approximately $1 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds (also known as federal stimulus funds). Only projects that are part of the regional transportation system are eligible to receive these funds. Salamo Road is one of very few West Linn streets that are part of that system, and was expected to be re-paved in the near future. Although as a community West Linn may have been able to identify higher priority projects, the City was limited by the federal criteria. Therefore, to receive ARRA funds, Salamo was the highest priority project. Regarding the condition of Salamo Road:  the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) survey divided the street into four sections.  Three of those four sections had PCI’s of 25, 45 and 68 – well below the optimum level of 80-85 for a well maintained and cost effective street system. (The fourth section – from 10th to Barrington – has a PCI of 80 and is not being repaved at this time.) The complete PCI analysis is attached to this release.