February 2011 Arch Bridge Project Update

February Project Update There is lots of work going on, but much of it is not visible to the public. The contractor, Wildish Standard Paving, is hydroblasting inside the arch chamber on the West Linn side of the bridge. This chamber is located at the base of the arch where it intersects the pier. This ultra high water pressure removes the Gunite so the contractor can examine the steel underneath for corrosion or damage and make any needed repairs. New Shotcrete (concrete) is then applied inside the arch chamber. Also on the West Linn side, the contractor is jacking up the bridge to take the weight off the columns under the bridge that connect the bridge deck to the arch. After removing the concrete, the contractor inspects the column connections and repairs any damage. New concrete will be poured at the column connections. When this work is completed on the West Linn side, the contractor will move to the Oregon City side to do the same work over the next month. All material that is removed through hydroblasting and demolition is captured and contained so that nothing enters the river. Willamette Falls and Bridge Celebration Over 750 people braved the rainy weather to attend the Jan. 15 ceremony marking the closure of the bridge and celebrate the heritage of the Willamette Falls. Walking across the bridge before the closure was a popular activity that day. In addition, ODOT Region 1 Manager presented Oregon City Mayor Doug Neeley with a check for nearly $1.1 million for the Main Street circulation and downtown sidewalk improvement projects.   Arch Bridge Shuttle The bridge shuttle is carrying passengers throughout the day and has been well received by riders. Please contact me if: • You have any questions about the project. • You or others would like to be added to the email list to receive these updates. Thank you, Susan Hanson Susan Hanson Community Affairs Coordinator Oregon Department of Transportation - Region 1 123 NW Flanders | Portland, OR | 97209 503-731-3490 (desk) | 503-706-9814 (cell) | 503-731-3266 (fax) Susan.C.Hanson@odot.state.or.us Visit the ODOT Region 1 Web site: http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/HWY/REGION1/