Rabies Inoculation

West Linn Municipal Code 5.270 All dogs must be inoculated against rabies, unless specifically exempted by rule of the State of Oregon Health Division or State Department of Agriculture. Rabies certificates shall be current through November of the current year. Penalties and Fines: You may be cited to appear in court and fined up to $500.00 per violation. Each day’s violation of this code constitutes a separate violation. All dogs in the State of Oregon must be vaccinated against rabies…even if the dog is strictly a “house dog that never goes out.” If there is a medical reason your dog cannot be given a rabies vaccination (i.e. some cancer treatments, illness, age, size, etc.) you are still required to provide the police department with a statement, signed by your vet stating your pet is in good health (rabies free) and the reason your pet cannot be vaccinated against rabies.