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Alarm Permit Application

**NOTE: This form to be completed by NEW PERMIT USERS ONLY**

City of West Linn Municipal Code Related to Alarm Permit

7.205 Definition:
Alarm System: Any equipment, mechanical or electrical, arranged to signal an emergency requiring urgent attention to which public, fire, or emergency medical personnel are expected to respond.

7.210 Alarm User's Permit Required:
Every alarm user shall obtain an alarm user's permit from the WLPD. The permit shall be displayed physically upon the premises and available for inspection. The permit fee must be renewed yearly. If a residential alarm user is over the age of 65 a permit is required, however, there is no fee.

7.205 Definitions:
False Alarm: An alarm signal or request eliciting a response by emergency personnel when a situation requiring a response does not, in fact, exist. This does not include an alarm signal caused by violent conditions of nature or other extraordinary events not reasonably subject to control by the alarm business or alarm user.

7.230 False Alarm - Fee:
Any alarm system that has false alarm(s) within any permit year shall be subject to the following fees or actions:

First false alarm - No Fee
Second false alarm - No Fee
Third false alarm - $50.00
Fourth false alarm - $75.00
Fifth false alarm - $125.00
Sixth false alarm - $150.00 thereafter

The additional fee of $25.00 will be imposed on a user who fails to obtain an alarm user's permit within 60 days or who is more than sixty days delinquent in renewing a permit.


•Ensure all users of your alarm are property trained (including babysitters, housekeepers, relatives, building managers, janitors, new employees, etc).
•Instruct alarm users on how to cancel an accidentally activated alarm
•Restrict pet access to areas where your alarm could be triggered.
•Notify your alarm monitoring company when repair services or others will be at the premises.
•Provide your alarm company with the names and phone numbers of "responsible parties" who can respond to your premises when the alarm has been activated. "Responsible parties" should be able to determine if something is awry.
•Contact your security company for additional suggestions on how to prevent false alarms.

The West Linn Police Department Administrative Office is open M-F 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., excluding holidays. Please allow a minimum of 5 working days to process your report request. The Police Department is located at 1800 8th Avenue, West Linn. Forms of payment: cash, check, money order or Visa/Mastercard. For further questions please contact the West Linn Police Department at 503.655.6214.