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Project Materials

Below are documents prepared as part of the planning project. The documents are as follows:

  • The Study Area map depicts the area that is being examined as part of the project. The area is divided into primary and secondary areas. The primary area encompasses properties and streets that hold the greatest possibility for creating a town center over time.  The secondary area includes adjacent parts of the community that would be most affected by the development of a town center.
  • The project is guided by Advisory and Technical Committees that worked with City staff and the consultants to prepare a project goal, objectives, and principles.
  • The existing market conditions, transportation conditions and opportunities, urban design and development potential, and trails and open space are reviewed and discussed in the Existing Conditions Report.
  • There are also links to the presentations and video from the April 2014 Storefront Studio.  More information is available about this on the Storefront Studio page.
  • The City worked with Ms. Farley's 6th grade Social Studies classes at Rosemont Ridge to put together plans for the project.  Two groups presented to the City Council in June.  Check out their presentations below.
  • Draft memos and plans from July and September are linked below.  Take a look at what is being proposed for the center.
  • A Draft Plan was complete in November 2014 and the City Council reviewed and approved the Final Plan in December 2014.