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Historic Code Amendments

The City completed this project in Summer 2013.  The changes are now in Chapter 25 of the City's Community Development Code.  Additional information is available on the land use project page for CDC-12-01

The City designated the Willamette Historic District in the mid 1980s and 29 historic landmarks in 1990. It adopted chapters 25 and 26 of the Community Development Code to regulate these properties. Over the years, there were amendments to these chapters, particularly Chapter 25.

In response to concerns over infill development, especially regarding size and massing, the City amended Chapter 25 in early 2010. The initial amendments were often referred to as “Phase I”, with future amendments as a “Phase II”. The City was awarded Certified Local Government (CLG) grant funding earlier this year for these “Phase II” amendments to refine these chapters and prepare design guidelines. The project may also affect related items in the Historic Areas subsection of Goal 5 in the Comprehensive Plan. The City has selected KLK Consulting as the consultant for the design standards and guidelines portion of the project.

A Technical Committee reviewed and guided the changes for this project. The Committee included representation from the Historic District, Landmark owners, Historic Review Board, Planning Commission, contractors, and realtors.

Property owners and other affected parties had the opportunity to comment on changes through a survey, neighborhood meetings, a public meeting, and through review by the Historic Review Board and public hearings with the Planning Commission and City Council.