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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: January 31, 2007 Meeting Start Time: 7:00 PM Attendees: Bill Relyea PCNA President Bela Barany PCNA Treasurer Alice Richmond Past President Dennis Wright West Linn, Engineer Dept. Marc Howatt West Linn, Planning Dept. Joanne Pinelli Roberta Schwarz Ellen Lockwood Gerald Pasquantano Agenda items 7:00 - Meeting Opens – 7:05 –Police/Fire Department Reports Police Levy 2007 7:25 – West Linn Engineering Department Presentation 7:45 – Community Comments –Land Use Projects, Updates and Items of Interest 9:00 Closing Remarks and Adjournment Note: Scheduled times may change based upon variables within the presentations and community comments or concerns. Agenda Items Marc Howatt of the West Linn, Planning Department gave an overview of the upcoming Police Levy scheduled for an upcoming local election. Roberta Schwarz of the TBNA gave an overview of upcoming fundraisers. Alice Richmond spoke about the police levy and stated that information was distributed with the water bill, She stated that the levy would add 6 cents a day to our current tax bill. Several members questioned how long and short term funding is being appropriated for police and fire services. It was suggested that instead of using property value and levy assessments against property values, that a more equitable system be provided, such as through water and sewer services. Most of the current calls for police services are in the Willamette and Bolton Neighborhoods. The membership also raised concerns about balancing their own budgets and what further levies the city will be seeking, such as the proposed new police facility. Dennis Wright of the West Linn, Engineering Department gave an overview of the Transportation System Plan and its impact on Parker Road. Ellen Lockwood challenged several of Dennis’s statements about the cutting of trees and the widening of Parker Road. PCNA Chair, Bill Relyea asked that the conversation remain informational and not confrontational. Dennis stated that the tree was removed as part of the roadway improvements and the proposed one-way grid between Lancaster and Sunset on Parker Road. Ellen asked that the city post signs stating local access only and that the roadway width be kept to a minimum as a means to limit traffic flow. Dennis stated that the city would be willing to place the signs but that the roadway improvements needed to take place with the current development. Bill Relyea suggested that the city appropriate the funds for future improvements and bank the funds until the area was ready for the street improvements. Ellen proposed a one-way street with vegetation to maintain the current rural atmosphere. The membership voted on the proposed one-way on Parker Road and the motion passed unanimously. The resolution was moved by Gerry and seconded by Bela. Bela stated that the area is attracting new residents and suggested that we distribute a letter to the community describing our activities and accomplishments over the past three years. The membership agreed that it was a good idea and asked that Bela draft a newsletter for review and bring it to a future meeting. Community Reports Police Officers neighborhood update: • No Police Department report Overview of current development projects: Planning Commission Meetings and Notices were discussed Planning Director Decisions were discussed West Linn City Council Public Meeting Agendas were discussed. An update on The Neighborhood Development Plan was provided. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM