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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: November, 2006 Meeting Start Time: 7:00 PM Attendees: Bill Relyea PCNA President Bela Barany PCNA Treasurer Alice Richmond Past President TVFR 3 Members Steve Burch Joanne Pinelli Brian Brown Agenda items 7:00 - Meeting Opens – 7:01- Community Comment Period 7:15 –Police/Fire Department Reports Bond Measure 2006 7:25 – Resolution - Adopting The Neighborhood Development Plan 8:15 – Community –Land Use Projects, Updates and Items of Interest Metro Regional Transportation Plan- Willamette Falls Drive 10th Street Bike Lane 9:00 Closing Remarks and Adjournment Note: Scheduled times may change based upon variables within the presentations and community comments or concerns. Last month’s PCNA meeting minutes • Minutes were presented. Minutes were approved. Agenda Items • The Neighborhood Development Plan was placed before the membership for approval. The motion was made, seconded and voted on by the membership. Four members voted to approve the plan and one abstained. • The METRO Regional Transportation Plan was discussed and the membership supported the idea of asking the Council to formalize a resolution supporting the Hwy 43 project. Community Reports Police Officers neighborhood update: • TVFR presented information on the measure that was placed before the community for funding. They reported on the success of the program and how the funding would be spent. • No Police Department report Guest Speakers Overview of current development projects: Planning Commission Meetings and Notices were discussed Planning Director Decisions were discussed West Linn City Council Public Meeting Agendas were discussed. An update on The Neighborhood Development Plan was provided. Community Comment Period: The membership had questions about the Neighborhood Plan. Is it still open for changes? What is the time frame for adopting and or requesting changes? What additional steps does the plan need to go through before the Council adopts it? Details on the plan were provided by Brian Brown and Bill Relyea: The plan is conceptual, it still needs to go through a technical analysis. The plan is a living document, as it goes through the evaluation and adoption process it will change based on community and civic leader input. The Rosemont Summit Home Owners Association held elections. A new Board was elected. The current President will remain in office over the next year. Joanne Pinelli will be the HOA liaison to the Neighborhood Association. Have there been any updates from the City on the skate-park issues. When will the next Parks and Rec. Board be? The last meeting occurred in August, 2006. Has there been any reduction in use or decrease in offending activities since the new Portland skate-park was opened. It is too difficult to tell at this point because of the seasonal use of this type of facility. Details about using Willamette Falls Television were announced, several members expressed interest in finding out more about using the televised service. The Clackamas County Dispute Resolution and Mediation Center sent information to the Neighborhood Association which details their capabilities to assist in a variety of circumstances. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM