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Parker Crest Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes Meeting Date: September 28, 2005 Meeting Start Time: 7:00 PM Attendees: Bela Barany PCNA Treasurer & Rogerfield resident Esther Cramer Rogerfield resident Barbara Carstens Hoodview resident Gary Hogue Parker Road resident Jerry Ponguetano Mackenzie Rose resident Sue McHugh White Salmon resident Dave and Pat Craig Wild Rose residents Si Laszlo Hoodview resident Don Lewis Dillow resident Bob and Dawn Adams Century Lane residents Alice Richmond Parker Rd resident Agenda items included: Overview of current events, Neighborhood Association Planning meeting, Music in the Park, CERT-Community Emergency Response Training. Last month’s PCNA meeting minutes were presented by Bela Barany. Minutes were approved by a unanimous vote. Overview of current events: ???? Maxfield Development Project: ???? This was the development in which PCNA was successful in rezoning to R10, PCNA was under the impression that “protected” areas would not count as credit for Legend Homes to use it against R10-zoned property sizes. However, that does not seem to be the case as Legend has received credit for the protected areas in the 16 acres currently under construction on Parker Road. ???? Rosemont Summit Development Project: ???? Model homes will be built in January timeframe. ???? Hogue Property Annexation Status – voters approved annexation: ???? Mr. Hogue was present and was kind enough to answer all question regarding his annexation. He commented that he has not decided on what to do. He is taking all his options into consideration, but has not made any decisions. He informed those at the meeting that the reason for the annexation was simply to get sewer service. His original plan was to build his home there, however, he did mention that developers are calling him. He will be taking into consideration their offers, but nothing has been decided as of yet. Officer Ashby’s neighborhood update: ???? Unfortunately, crime is up, the types of crime include: ???? Burglaries (a recent burglary in the Hoodview neighborhood, and in general, all around West Linn). These burglaries also include auto thefts. Officer Ashby recommended locking up your cars and securing your homes (don’t leave windows or doors unlocked). Dogs are also one of the best forms of deterring would-be burglars. Officer Ashby indicated these burglaries are motivated by drug use. Regarding the Hoodview robbery, they have several leads, but the case has not been solved as of yet. ???? ? Officer Ashby’s recommendations regarding burglaries: ???? If you happen to come home to a robbery in progress, don’t go in the house. ???? If you happen to arrive and realize your home has been robbed, don’t touch anything. ???? It is a good idea to videotape or photograph one’s most valuable personal properties, and to make note of serial numbers. It would help law enforcement tremendously in case they stop/catch one who may have multiple stolen items in the car. ???? He also said there are things that one can do with landscape (Defense by landscaping) to deter burglars, if anyone is interested call officer Ashby. ???? Internet predators are also on the rise in West Linn. Officer Ashby recommended keeping an eye on our children. He indicated that these predators seem to be targeting Oregon from other areas. He said they are currently investigating several cases. ???? Officer Doolittle has received City approval to incorporate a canine unit in West Linn. Officer Ashby told us that a canine unit will greatly enhance police work. Music in the Park: ???? Bela mentioned that Esther Cramer and her committee (the same committee that championed and organized this year’s “Music in the Park”) have been selected by the West Linn Arts Commission to head up next years “Music in the Park” concert series. Going forward, the “Music in the Park” event will still continue to have the same support from the City as it did last summer, but now will also have the support of the West Linn Arts Commission. The event will fall under the West Linn Arts Commission’s umbrella, but will continue to have the support of the City and same working relationship. ???? Esther Cramer reviewed the survey results of the survey conducted at the last two concerts: ???? The West Linn Community would like to see more than 4 concerts. ???? The music preference is “variety”; the community loved the band selection from this year, and would like to see a variety of music continue in future concerts. ???? The preferred day of the week was Thursday, the second choice was Wednesday, but Thursday was their first choice by a landslide ???? The preferred time was 6:30, as this allows them more time to pack their picnics and get to the park in time. ???? The most effective form of advertising was the West Linn Tidings, and the second most effective was word-of-mouth. ? Esther shared the recommendations the committee made to the City and the West Linn Arts Commission, which were based on the feedback from the survey conducted: ? The committee will pursue 6 concerts next year, and as the budget grows, grow the concerts to 8. ? The time will be changed to 6:30 and the day (Thursday) will remain the same. ? The committee will pursue a selection of bands that provide the same quality of music and variety, and perhaps, if budget allows it, take it up a notch on a couple of the bands. Questions raised: Jerry Ponguetano (from Mackenzie Rose Neighborhood) asked if all 6 concerts were going to be held at Tanner Creek, and Esther informed Jerry that the original recommendation from the committee to the City was to take perhaps 2 of the 6 concerts to other parks for exposure, but the City recommended keeping them all at Tanner Creek (in one Park) to minimize confusion. Jerry was very appreciative and complimented Esther’s efforts in addressing all of his concerns at this years concert series, but still expressed concerns. Esther recommended that as the committee begins work on next year’s event, that they should continue to have a dialog in order to address all his neighborhood (Mackenzie Rose) concerns again. She also mentioned that the PCNA board plans to put her on the agenda on a regular basis, so that she can keep the neighborhood apprised of the status and address any issues or concerns proactively. CERT – Community Emergency Response Training: ???? We will be adding this type of information to our Neighborhood Development Plan and asking TVFR and West Linn Police Department to work with us on this issue. Community Comment Period: ???? Gary Hogue mentioned Mike Gates efforts to support our sister city, Pascagoula, Mississippi with relief after Hurricane Katrina. Mike would like to meet with the Chamber of Commerce, neighborhood associations and other community leaders and members to work together to help out the residents of Pascagoula. This will take place in the next 3-4 weeks. ???? Sue mentioned that she was no long receiving the minutes of previous meetings and asked if there was a way to resolve this. The city website was suggested, but because they update it so infrequently, this was not a good option. Some discussion was made about creating our own PCNA website. ???? Jerry Ponguetano brought up the McGruff houses and the Neighborhood Watch Program. ???? There was a general discussion about annexation, specifically the possibility of all 100 properties being grouped together for a blanketed annexation. Suggestions were made that PCNA should have some input in this. ???? Concerns were raised as for the location and the number of signs placed in the neighborhood alerting tax payers to the neighborhood association meeting. The size of the writing on the signs should also be better readable. Meeting adjourned at 8:35