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Marylhurst Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes March 25th, 2008 OPENING: The regular meeting of the Marylhurst Neighborhood Association was called to order at 7:07 pm on Tuesday, March 25th, 2008 at the West Linn Adult Community Center by President Jeff Treece Present: 10 association members were present. Approval of Minutes: A motion was made by Jim Koll and seconded by John Huntsman to approve the minutes of the February 26th, 2008 meeting. The motion carried unanimously on a voice vote. COMMITTEE REPORTS: Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Jim Koll stated there some office supply expenses, bring the current balance to $1461.22 Mr. Koll again presented the idea of getting ideas on how to spend the remainder of the 2007-2008 budget allotment prior to the end of the fiscal year end in June. For lack of ideas, it was again decided that Mr. Koll and Teri Cummings would come up with a list of ideas to present to the membership at the April meeting. Neighborhood Representative to Land Use Pre-Applications Conference Report Karie Oakes reported there were no new land use applications in the neighborhood. Mrs. Oakes then informed the membership that the city was offering to train additional citizens as neighborhood representatives to land use pre-application hearings, and provided a sign up sheet for anyone interested. OLD BUSINESS: Marylhurst Neighborhood Plan President Jeff Treece informed the membership that he had, as voted at the February meeting, written to the city asking that the Marylhurst Neighborhood Plan be opened for amendment, with two sections in particular to be stricken. As of the meeting date, he had not heard a response from the city. Mr. Treece stated he would follow up and provide an update at the April meeting. Public Safety Update West Linn Police Officer John Hunstman stated that no major incidents had occurred recently. He also informed the membership that public safety updates would be provided quarterly in the future. When asked if the Police Department was up to full staff, he replied that a full compliment of officers had been hired or was in the process of being hired, and that after a period of training, the department would be up to full staffing levels. NEW BUSINESS: Neighborhood Cleanup Day President Jeff Treece suggested that we begin thinking about scheduling the annual Neighborhood Cleanup Day. Some discussion ensued and the consensus was to think about scheduling in early June. Mr. Treece said he would contact the city about details and present the issue for a more formal discussion at the next meeting. Announcments: John Hunstman provided information regarding an upcoming Town Hall Meeting by the Clackamas County Arts Alliance to be held at the West Linn Library on April 2nd. Teri Cummings provided an update on the status of two out-of-neighborhood land use issues: The office development proposal on Hood St was approved by the Planning Commission and had been called up by the City Council for review. With only 4 members present and a 2-2 tie, the Planning Commission decision remained in effect. The application on Kantara Way, which would put a 13th home on a private drive, was appealed by affected neighbors. The appeal was begun and then continued to April 28th. Agenda Items for Next Meeting: Marylhurst Neighborhood Plan. Neighborhood Cleanup Day Status of Marylhurst Park Development