Online Homework Resources

Access homework resources online 24/7 with your library card! To access, go to LINCC's Online Resources page, click the link for your resource, and enter your library card number and PIN (usually the last four digits of your phone number).

WorldBook Online
Comprehensive online encyclopedia with newspaper articles, maps, biographies, and pictures.

Student Resources in Context*
Full-text articles as well as audio and video clips on history, and geography.

Contains reports on countries, U.S. states, and Canadian provinces.

Biography in Context
Contains multimedia content and biographical essays on more than 525,000 historical figures, politicians, and authors.

Science in Context
Thousands of biographies, articles, images, videos, and experiments covering earth and life science, space, and technology.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context*
Contains court cases, essays, articles, charts, and graphs to help you learn about all sides of issues such as drug abuse, and vaccines.

U.S. History in Context*
Articles, maps, pictures, as well as video and audio from NBC, NPR, and others.

News, video, and articles covering energy, health care, food, and more, plus interactive maps.

Kids InfoBits
Targeted to kindergarten through 5th grade, this resource contains magazine and newspaper articles, pictures, maps, and more.

Discovering Collection*
Get the whole picture on a wide variety of topics, including civil rights, pollution, obesity, and more.

* Indicates a resource that contains primary sources.


Primary Sources

A primary sources is one that is original, such as a letter, document, recording, newspaper article, or photograph. In addition to finding primary sources in any of the starred databases above, you can also find them at the websites below.