Ballot Measure 3-431 Charter Change Related to Interference With Personnel & Public Contracts

Ballot Measure 3-431 to be submitted to the City's voters on September 17, 2013. Resolution 2013-11: Calls election to amend charter concerning council influence on personnel and public contract awards CAPTION Charter amendment to prohibit interference with personnel and public contracts QUESTION Shall the City amend the City Charter to prohibit the Council from interfering with personnel decisions and public contract awards? SUMMARY The Charter establishes the duties of the City Council and the City Manager.  The Charter specifies that the City Council has authority to appoint and remove the City Manager.  The Charter specifies that the City Manager has the duty to appoint, remove, and supervise city officers and employees.  This amendment makes it clear that the Council will not interfere with the City Manager’s duty to appoint and remove city officers and employees, or award public contracts, subject to purchasing rules and other Charter limitations.