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Film and Media Permitting

Thank you for your interest in filming in beautiful West Linn. The City welcomes film and media production and our objective is to make your filming experience as convenient and efficient as possible. Below you’ll find helpful resources to aid you in obtaining the required permits, but please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. For inquiries please contact Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Ken Warner by phone at (503) 557-4700 or by email at We appreciate your business!

Applying to Film in West Linn: A County-wide Process
West Linn participates in Clackamas County’s Uniform Film & Media Permit Application process. To apply for a Film or Media permit in West Linn, click below to be taken to the application. For more information, visit the County's Film and Media page.

                              Uniform Clackamas County Film & Media Permit Application

Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by City of West Linn staff. You will receive an email or phone call within 3 business days to resolve any questions, confirm your request and schedule your fee payment.

Filming in West Linn: Important Details

  • Film and media operations within West Linn require a Film & Media Permit. However, activities that meet certain criteria must obtain a Special Event Permit instead. If your film or media production will use the public right of way, involve more than 300 people on City property, will occur at night, or will involve loud noises/special effects or the closure of a park, a Special Event Permit will be required. Read more about Special Event Permits below, and obtain a permit here.
  • The City of West Linn requires all film and media productions to provide a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of West Linn as additionally insured. Contact your insurance company for this documentation.
  • Conducting any film or media business in West Linn also requires a Business License. Find information about licensing here. If you plan to film in West Linn for 10 days or less, the Business License requirement is waived.
  • The City of West Linn is committed to providing a smooth film and media permitting process. If you have questions or needs during the process, please feel free to contact us!

Filming in West Linn: Fiscal Year 2013-14 Fees

          Film and Media Permits:

                    Film/Video one day fee, no park closure: $100 

          Special Event Permits:

                    Application Fee: $100
                    Additional Special Event Fees: Determined individually

Special event permits cover a range of activities. The fee for your event will be composed of a base special event fee plus cost recovery fees. These charges simply reimburse the City for administrative time, as well as its expenditure on services such as police, fire and traffic, as needed at the event.

Special Event Permits:
A special event permit application must be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance but no more than twelve months before the event date. When your application is submitted, there will be a $100 non-refundable application fee (FY 2013-14) or as defined in the Master Fee Schedule, along with City personnel costs paid per the Master Fee schedule. Depending on the type of event, additional fees and information may be required. When your application is complete, please return it to the Parks & Recreation Department.