Clackamas County Tourism & Cultural Affairs Community Partnership Program

OVERVIEW: Community Partnership Program (CPP) grants are to fund tourism-related projects in local communities. Eligible projects are those that are designed to increase tourism or tourism activity. The legal definition of tourism per state statute and county ordinance is: “economic activity resulting from tourists."  A tourist is defined as "a person who, for business or pleasure, recreation or participation in events related to the arts, heritage or culture, travels from the community in which that person is a resident to a different community that is separate, distinct from and unrelated to the person’s community of residence."  For a trip to qualify as tourism the person has to travel "more than 50 miles from the community of residence; or includes an overnight stay.” The funding for this program comes from Clackamas County's 6% transient room tax revenues. Therefore, increasing overnight stays is the ultimate goal. The CPP Grant Program provides funding for tourism-related projects that have the potential to become significant and self-sustainin; that align with the goals and priorities outlined in Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affair’s Business and Master Plans; that are aligned with West Linn's Tourism Action Plan; and that have the ability to demonstrate a return on investment. CITY APPLICATION PRESS RELEASE: APPLICABILITY: Selected projects must fit within the approved tourism scope of work categories noted on the attached Community Partnership Program Scope of Work and comply with the attached Program Guidelines. Projects should have identified returns on investments or goals that can be demonstrated via documentation in the Mid-Year Progress Report and the Year-End Report. Such measurements may include the creation of room nights, tourism development, service infrastructure investment, and other tourism-related purposes that demonstrate a return on investment. Funding may be awarded to public, private, or nonprofit organizations whose project demonstrates an ability to benefit the greater public interests of tourism product development, promotion, or marketing.  Projects that emphasize private profitability and/or one where the expense could be considered a normal or regular cost of doing business are not eligible for funding. Similarly, capital improvement projects that largely benefit a private, for-profit enterprises or a private property owner are not eligible for funding. These are not business creation or development funds. Similarly, these funds are not intended to be used for community development or beatification projects. Selection Process: Applications will be accepted until October 11, 2013 The Economic Development Committee (EDC) will serve as the selection body The EDC will make their selections at their November 8, 2013 meeting All funds will be dispensed to selected applicants by December 6, 2013 Ideal Projects Will: Tie into the community’s Tourism Action Plan Aligned with the priorities outlined in TCA’s 5-Year Business Plan Fit within the CPP scope of work categories noted in the attached PROJECT SCOPE ADDENDUM Can be assigned measureable goals by which ROI can be determined Bring people from 50 miles away or more Positively impact overnight stays Entice travelers to linger longer Refer or connect travelers to other county tourism assets, locations, events or activities Program is not intended: for local community development projects to pay for what could be consider normal costs of doing business for capital improvement/construction projects that benefit private property owners or for profit-enterprises for marketing or promotional materials that include only a singular lodging establishments for projects where the benefits are limited to membership-based clubs or organizations for duplicate marketing/promotional efforts already produced by TCA Community Partnership Program Scope of Work The following are approved categories for CPP Support: Agritourism – includes development or promotion of facilities, services, and activities. Outdoor Recreation – encouraging participation in outdoor activities. Heritage, Culture, Arts – promoting the arts, culture, or heritage of the area. Multi-property lodging promotion or lodging facility development. Social Media – efforts to create a strategic plan and projects to advertise tourism. Market/Product Promotion or Development – development/promotion of “niche vacation” packages i.e. weddings, reunions, girlfriend getaways, and man-cations. Bicycle Tourism Promotion and Development. Examples of Applicable Projects: The below are examples of projects that have received funding through the Clackamas County Tourism Department’s Community Partnership Program Grants. Advertising (newspapers, magazines, and on-line) Asset Inventories, Tourism Plans & Studies Brochures and other similar collateral Cooperative Marketing Advertisements (available through Tourism Dept.) Creation of annual or multi-day events/festivals Development of Assets, Activities or Attractions Informational Kiosks Interpretive Panels Geocaching Marketing Campaigns Mobile Aps Package deals for travelers Photo Images Tours, loops, and driving routes Trail development or enhancements Video Assets Way finding and Signage Website Creation or Updating (geared for out-of-town visitors) These are just some of the more common examples. The list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of other good ideas out there; even some that we haven’t heard of.