Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition

The Willamette Falls Heritage Area Coalition is working to become a National Heritage Area in order to protect, enhance, share, and enjoy the region defined by the Willamette River between the mouths of the Tualatin River and Clackamas River. Coalition members include:

* City of West Linn
* City of Oregon City
* Clackamas County
* Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde
* Oregon Parks & Recreation Department
* Oregon State Historic Preservation Office
* Clackamas County Arts Alliance
* Main Street Oregon City
* Clackamas County Historical Society
* Ice Age Floods Institute
* Willamette Falls Heritage Foundation
* Portland General Electric
* Blue Heron Paper
* West Linn Paper

The Coalition has authored A National Heritage Area Feasibility Study. By reading and commenting on the Willamette Falls Heritage Area Feasibility Study, you can help the Willamette Falls Area become the first National Heritage Area on the West Coast of the United States. Find the study below in Supporting Documents.

Check www.wfheritage.org for the latest information.