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City Council Goals for 2009

The West Linn City Council met on March 6 – 7, 2009 to develop City Council goals for 2009. Goals should be accomplished by December 31, 2009. In some cases, goals will continue through 2010.

Council Goal: Community Facilities

Police Station

  • Secure an option on suitable land for a police station
  • Obtain a conceptual design plan and cost to build a police station on identified land
  • 2010 Goal: Refer to voters and if approved, begin building the facility

Aquatic Center
Secure an option on suitable land for an aquatic center

Obtain a conceptual design plan and cost to build and operate an aquatic center on identified land

2010 Goal: Refer to voters and if approved, begin building the facility

Parks & Recreation Capital Plan
Approve a five-year capital plan that is consistent with the Parks Master Plan and complete the first two years of the plan

Council Goal: Planning & Sustainability

Stafford Area
Advocate effectively on behalf of the City of West Linn: engage the public and speak with one voice on the City’s position

Comprehensive Plan & Community Development Code

  • Develop staff and Planning Commission priorities for updating/improving both documents for review by the City Council
  • Prioritization by City Council of Comprehensive Plan and Community Development Code improvements


  • Consider inclusion of sustainability concepts in all City policy documents
  • Direct the Sustainability Advisory Board, with assistance from the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, to recommend a community education outreach plan drawing on existing community partners and resources
  • Create and implement a model sustainability plan in one City department (and possible implementation in other departments)

Council Goal: Economic Development

  • Creation of an Economic Development Toolkit
  • Support the Main Street Program
  • Support the Economic Development Task Force and act on its recommendations

Council Priority: Administrative Professionalism


  • Maintain City’s economic viability while preserving the integrity of services
  • Continue optimal performance while addressing issues as identified in audits

Community Development
Ensure the effectiveness of the Community Development function through implementation of a continuous improvement program

Create a financial plan for the future of the water system

Council Priority: Community Relations

Customer Service

  • Provide training opportunities to staff to ensure optimal customer service
  • Hire and retain talented employees who perform good work


  • City Council members to visit all Neighborhood Association and Citizen Advisory Group meetings on a rotating schedule
  • City Council to provide assistance and coordination to Neighborhood Associations and Citizen Advisory Groups to ensure that all groups understand their roles, responsibilities, and expectations
  • City Council members to proactively write letters and commentary for the local newspaper
  • City staff to contribute letters and information as needed for the local newspaper and other communications tools
  • Adopt a clear City Council statement of the purposes and expectations of Neighborhood Associations
  • Support a facilitated process for Neighborhood Associations to agree on recommended bylaws, rules, and/or guidelines consistent with the Council’s purposes and expectations statement.