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2013 Council Priorities

Unanimously approved on March 11, 2013:

The following City Council priorities for 2013 will lead our City into the future.  They build off of our successful past work, and responsibly address the most pressing issues facing our City in a fiscally sustainable manner.   Our goal as a City Council is to keep West Linn on the path to becoming the finest community in the state to live, work and play – both for ourselves and future generations.

Transportation System Maintenance and Improvements
The City Council will enhance pedestrian safety and bike/pedestrian opportunities.
• Adopt and initiate implementation of the Master Trails Plan
• PRAB and TAB solicit public input and make recommendation to Planning Commission (April 2013)
• PRAB and TAB develop prioritized list of pedestrian/bike projects for the Capital Improvement Plan
• Planning Commission will make a recommendation to Council (June 2013)
• Council reviews/adopts plan (July 2013)
• Specifically address concerns on Willamette Falls Drive (crosswalks and lighting) and Salamo Road (intersection improvements)

The City Council will initiate required modifications to the Transportation System Plan.
• Apply for Transportation Growth Management grant

Aquatic Center
The City Council will accept a recommendation by the Aquatic Center Task Force.
• Support survey efforts of the Task Force, with survey results to be received by May 1, 2013
• Request a recommendation from the Task Force by June 1, 2013
• Council will make a decision regarding the recommendation by August 1, 2013

Blue Heron Property
The City Council will create a Master Plan for the former Blue Heron Property.
• Hold a work session with the Council, Task Force, and WES (Spring 2013)
• Continue communication/education efforts with stakeholders

Water Infrastructure
The City Council will have a long term strategy in place for addressing the City’s maintenance and storage needs by the end of 2013.
• Continue to educate the public on water infrastructure needs

Economic Development
The City Council will initiate the development of a Master Plan and Implementation Strategy for the Arch Bridge/Bolton area.
• Secure grant funding, if available
• Staff present the alternative means for supporting efforts for National and State Heritage Area designation

The City Council will modify codes and processes to remove regulatory and financial barriers and to incentivize positive community economic efforts.
• Conduct audit of City codes, fees and processes to address stated goal. (March 2013)
• The Economic Development Director, Assistant City Attorney, and Economic Development Committee will solicit input from affected parties (public and private developers, etc.) on possible revisions and present report with recommendations to the City Council. ( May 2013)
• The Planning Commission will make recommendations  on proposed revisions to the Comprehensive Plan and CDC for the Council (July  2013)
• City Council hearings on proposed amendments (August 2013)

Centennial Celebration - Celebrating Community
The City Council will support City and volunteer activities to create a successful Centennial event and coordinate a City birthday mid-August that incorporates the entire community.

The West Linn City Council also identifies the following emerging community issues and provides direction to the community and staff on these issues:

• Initiate the construction of the new Police Station
• The City’s long-term financial sustainability
• Neighborhood Association Presidents Group
• Promote actions that support Small Businesses
• City Hall Security
• City Council “Road Show” – hold at least two meetings outside of City Hall
• Support Sustainability Advisory recommendation regarding the “Natural Step” framework
• Learn more about efforts for reopening the Willamette Falls Locks