Wal-Mart In West Linn

May 25, 2012 Update Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market opened its doors today. The new store has been designed with West Linn residents in mind. The store will feature a variety of gluten-free products and locally grown and organic produce. The store has hired about 75 employees, working full and part time, and may build up to 85 employees. The store took in more than 4,000 applications, and about 80 percent of the new hires are from West Linn and surrounding communities.   March 21, 2012 Update: The Planning Director approved the Class I Design Review application on March 12. The appeal period ends March 26.   February 16, 2012 Update: Wal-Mart applied to the Planning Director on February 10 for Class I Design Review approval to allow the following changes at the site: The addition of five shopping cart corrals in the parking lot, A 12 X 45 foot pallet storage area at the rear or west side of the building, Painted/striped shopping cart corridors leading to the main entry, Reconfiguration of parking spaces near the loading docks to facilitate deliveries, New lighting to improve safety and surveillance, A new planter strip adjacent to a new driveway / aisle near Wells Fargo Bank, Screening of rooftop heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units After a public notice period, the Planning Director’s decision is expected in early March.   January 9, 2012 Update: Wal-Mart has held a pre-application conference with the City to consider the following changes in the parking lot and associated outdoor spaces:   Five cart corrals for customers to drop off their shopping carts will be placed around the parking lot with a resultant loss of five parking spaces. Two pedestrian corridors are proposed to define and facilitate safer pedestrian access at the front of the store. Pallet and crate recycling area (12’ X 45’) is proposed at the northwest corner of the site. This will displace six parking spaces. Re-alignment or re-configuration of parking spaces is proposed. A redesigned circulation plan is proposed to better accommodate parking lot traffic flow just north of the Wells Fargo Bank. Seven new light poles will be installed in front and to the rear of the building. Adding a parking lot landscaping island.   December 7, 2011 Update: Building permits have been issued by the City and construction has begun on the improvements at the former Bales market.  The majority of the improvements are to the interior, although some minor maintenance related modifications to the exterior are included.  The square footage of the store will not be increased. November 14 Update: The building permits have been issued and picked up. No sign permit has been requested yet. September 19 Update: Their building permits for the former Bales location have been approved and are available for the applicant at City Hall. They will be released to the applicant upon remit of fees and disclosure of the contractor.  Then they can begin improvements. The building permits are for the leased space; primarily for interior tenant improvements. We also anticipate they will be making minor exterior improvements including repainting, cracked window trim, etc. Please note that to date, the City has not been notified as to the name of the tenant, although from news reports we understand that it is for Wal-Mart. July 18 Update: Late last week, the City of West Linn received plans and permit requests for the former Bales store from a regional planning firm. A sign request was not submitted; the only information available at this time are plans and permit requests. This information is available for public review at the first-floor counter of City Hall. Specific tenant information was not submitted and is not available. It will take City staff approximately two- to three-weeks to review the permits. The permits are reviewed under the State Building Code, and no staff or Council discretion is applied to this review of the permits. Initial review indicates that the plans resemble a grocery store. Plans also indicate that exterior improvements will include minor in-kind replacements (e.g. some window replacements and repainting - but same color as existing structure). July 14 Update: Like all citizens, the City of West Linn staff read the recent news report about the Wal-Mart store at the former Bales location. At this time, the City of West Linn has no additional information about this news report, has not been contacted by Wal-Mart, and has no additional information to share with citizens about this news story. Please note that the City of West Linn is not an active participant in any real estate negotiations regarding this property, and any transactions are private property matters that the City is not privy to at this time. Please also be aware that until any plans are submitted to the City of West Linn, the City cannot accurately estimate the land use or citizen involvement process that would be followed for a Wal-Mart store at this location. More information, as it becomes available, will be shared in the local newspapers, and also on the City web site, as appropriate.   How Do I Share My Opinion? The best way to share your opinions is to use the Citizen Support Center online so the City can keep track of the volume of correspondence on this topic, and so you can keep track of your communications with the City. Thank you for visiting this informational web page.  Please bookmark this page, as updates will be shared on this page as they become available.  If you prefer to write a paper letter, please mail it to: City of West Linn, ATTN:  City Manager’s Office, 22500 Salamo Road, West Linn, OR 97068.