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Draft Concept Vision

The concept vision that emerged from the workshop reflects community members' support for enhancing the existing commercial areas in Robinwood, Bolton, Willamette and the nearby residential areas into walkable centers with better opportunities for retail meeting routine household needs, employment, a variety of quality housing, cultural activities and good access to public transit. The concept vision also identifies the Historic Arch Bridge area as a good location for developing higher density commercial, employment areas, lodging and other similar uses. An esplanade meandering along the Willamette River would provide the bike and pedestrian linkage between the Willamette commercial area and the Arch Bridge area. The concept vision also calls for “complete streets” serving motorists, transit, pedestrians and bicyclists, including a protected bikeway were possible In the commercial core of these centers, priority would be given to pedestrians and bicyclists. Outside of these centers, priority would be given to maintaining traffic flow. Phase I of the visioning project culminated in November with the project team presenting the conceptual vision to the City Council for their consideration and direction. The City Council considered the concept vision during their goal setting in February 2012 and is proceeding with recommended transportation improvements, a feasibility analysis and master plan for the Blue Heron site, and an economic development plan process that will evaluate the proposed Centers.