West Linn: Just for Residents

  • City Council |


    The Charter includes the September 17, 2013 voter-approved updates. The West Linn Charter defines the local governing system. In West Linn, the Charter can only be adopted and modified by a majority vote of City residents. In September 2013, West Linn residents approved four amendments to the Charter.

  • City Council |

    The West Linn City Council consists of the Mayor and four Councilors who act as the board of directors of the City of West Linn municipal corporation. The Council sets policies for the City Government; enacts ordinances; and hires, directs and evaluates the City Manager.

    Council responsibilities include:

    Develop and set overall policy for the City in response to citizen needs and desires, regional, state and federal laws, and available resources.

    Review and adopt City goals and priorities.

  • Parks and Recreation |

    Many of the high quality youth and sports programs in the West Linn area are handled by outside organizations not affiliated with the Parks and Recreation Department. The information in this area is updated as initial or new contact information is provided by the organizations.

    We make efforts to solicit appropriate contact information, but it is not always possible. If you know of other local youth sports organizations please pass them along to us.