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Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

7:00 p.m., December 6, 2005

Meeting Location: West Linn City Hall Council Chambers


Patti McCoy, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. with 30 people in attendance.

MINUTES Minutes from the May 5, 2005 meeting were discussed and approved.


City of West Linn-Sourced Budget (April-December) Treasurer reported opening balance $1,046.10 Apr 5, 2005 Postcard notice on May mtg -$291.24 May 20, 2005 Defray LockFest expense -350.00 May 20, 2005 J. Spence-signs -35.70 May 20, 2005 McCoy-officer & SNA mtg treats -58.52 June 30, 2005 Unspent city monies zero’d out -310.64 July 1, 2005 New Fiscal Year Budget 1500.00 Oct 27, 2005 Postcard notice on Dec. mtg -291.24 Dec 2, 2005 Sign making expense – reimburse -19.07 Closing balance $1,189.69 SNA Funds Raised Opening balance $ 262.71 Nov 19, 2005 Dumpster Day Donations 31.00 Closing balance $ 293.71 I.


West Linn Police Dept. Officer Ed Friend talked about a Peeping Tom issue near the Norfolk St. area. Residents raised issues concerning (a) a man who walks in the middle of the road placing himself in potential danger, (b) mail box theft – still an issue; locking mail box is the best prevention, (c) car break-ins – advised to park in garage if available, always lock your car, and remove valuables from car, (d) computer scams rising—beware of phishing and don’t give out any information; legitimate entities will not ask you for secure info over the web.

There was a discussion about speeding cars on Windsor Terrace. Traffic has increased on Windsor Terrace since the squeeze on high school parking because of high school construction work. It was noted that No Parking signs were installed on the western corner near the easement path following an auto accident in which a high school student crossed the lane and hit another car while attempting to buckle her seatbelt while driving. One car in particular has been seen speeding. Officer Friend suggested getting that vehicle’s plate number so the drive can be warned. For increased patrols and more information, residents can call the West Linn Police Department at 503-655-6214.

II. West Linn City Report

a. Mayor King and all Council Members were in attendance to share with residents the city’s work plan and answer questions. They provided a time line schedule for the WorkPlan 2005-06, indicating tasks in progress, still to begin, and tasks completed. Residents can go to to get updated copies.

b. Mention was made regarding the influence the three cities (West Linn, Lake Oswego, and Tualatin) can have at Metro regarding land use planning in the Stafford Basin Triangle.

c. There was some concern raised about the possibility of tolling on sections of I-5 and I-205, inasmuch as that might increase local traffic in West Linn if drivers leave the freeways to avoid toll sections. ODOT is studying road tolls currently, and residents are urged to let ODOT know how they feel about tolling and increased local traffic impacts in West Linn. It was also noted that Clackamas County conducted an I-205/I-5 Transportation Summit, attended by electeds or staff of all Clackamas County cities except West Linn. SNA President McCoy suggested West Linn should be present at future such events to ensure that West Linn is party to discussions about transportation issues that could impact us.

d. A resident suggested that citizens deserve improved communication regarding city finance department audits and spending irregularities. Chris Jordan, city manager, reported on the city’s progress on getting caught up on audits, said he is seeking improved spending controls via the use of procurement cards (which limit types and amounts of purchases), better internal controls, and increased city manager oversight. The first important step toward these improvements will be the hiring of a new finance director very soon.

III. Neighborhood Plans

Bryan Brown, director of planning for West Linn, responded to McCoy’s questions about neighborhood plans. McCoy stated Sunset NA had requested inclusion in the neighborhood planning process in April 2004 (Ms. Shroyer confirmed this). Sunset’s request fell through the cracks when the city did not renew the previous city manager’s contract. Mr. Brown spoke about the status of the various plans. Specifically: Willamette Done, approved by Planning Commission and Council Robinwood Done, needs to be reformatted to match city’s template Bolton Done; ok’d by Planning Comm; awaiting Council approval Marylhurst, Hidden Springs, Parker Crest and Tanner Basin are all about to begin their plans with the help of a consulting firm the city is hiring.

Sunset’s interest was noted for the next budget season, and Bryan suggested that SNA should send him a letter to formalize their interest. Patti McCoy will send this letter to Bryan, copying Chris Jordan and John Atkins. It was noted that approved neighborhood plans become part of the city’s Comprehensive Plan, and as such, part of city code. These plans are the way to codify the character of a neighborhood, its vision for its future. Patti McCoy suggested that Sunset can begin now to prepare for its turn at neighborhood planning by reading other plans and assessing the unique features of its neighborhood boundaries.

Wilderness Park was noted as an important feature within Sunset’s boundaries and one that deserves focused attention in light of the recent destruction resulting from a water line installation.

IV. Miscellaneous

a. Discussion followed regarding annexation costs. Two estimates have been discussed within the city, $14k versus $9K per resident. The city has decided to go with the $14K figure, but residents expressed concern that recent decisions have been premised on the $9K per resident figure. It was noted that the city needs to restate annexation costs using the new $14K per resident figure.

b. Mention was made of Willamette Cove Mobile Home Park that owner Jennings wishes to sell for $10 million. The residents can only come up with approx $5.2 million, but an outside sale will displace many elderly residents and deprive West Linn of valuable low-cost housing options. The city council discussed that it is investigating the passage of an ordinance similar to what was done in Wilsonville that would require an owner to reimburse associated moving costs incurred by the residents.

V. Wilderness Park

a. Patti McCoy reported that citizen opposition to the water line installation in Wilderness Park causing destruction of trees and habitat along a 35-50 foot wide, 900-1000 foot long swath is very high. She said work continues on circulation of a petition reflecting this opposition and it will be submitted to the mayor and city councilors at a January council meeting. To date, well over 100 signatures have been recorded, requesting the city assume responsibility for the damage done, remove the pipe, restore fully the forestation that was destroyed, and identify a process/es to avoid such an action in the future.

b. Mayor King admitted that the city had erred, and that proper checks/balances are missing in city operations for such a mistake to be made. He acknowledged that the action was in direct violation of chapter 11 of the city code. Also, King indicated that inter-departmental communications must be improved.

c. City manager Chris Jordan presented a memo from him to Mayor King and the council outlining three options he considered the city could take at this point. This same memo was forwarded to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, from which the city will seek a recommendation on how to proceed. The memo outlined these options (please note the 3rd option should have included the original contract amount of $384K, but is included below, no option described what would happen if the vote failed, and no options detailed the cost to restore the park): Estimated costs 1. Remove water line, mitigate damage $718 K Construct new water line along Skyline Drive 2. Leave line in place; don’t use; cap both ends $658 K Construct new water line along Skyline Drive 3. Use new water line as is, subject to approval by voters and mitigate damage to park $396 K No option detailed cost of a lost election: 4. Vote fails, and option #1 or #2 is fallback $670-$730K

VI. Election of Officers

All offices are being vacated and nominations were opened for each of four positions. Patti McCoy nominated Doug Vokes for President, Mark Hanson for Vice President, and David Banash for Treasurer/Secretary. The nomination was seconded. All present voted for the slate. None present voted in opposition. The slate was elected as follows: President: Doug Vokes Phone: 650-2072 Vice President: Mark Hanson Phone: 655-5247 Secretary/ Treasurer: David Banash Phone: 577-5486

VII. Motions

After discussion about city activities to aid hurricane victims in Pascagoula, Mississippi, a motion was passed and seconded to donate any unspent city-sourced SNA budget money to West Linn’s relief efforts dedicated to the city of Pascagoula’s victims of hurricane Katrina. Resident Ray Kindley, an attorney, suggested that there may be a prohibition on using West Linn tax dollars in this manner. It was thus noted that this motion, as approved, is dependent upon legal review by the city attorney. Note: The city budget period runs from July 1 - June, 30th and SNA is allocated $1,500 each budget year. It was suggested that, subject to legal approval, this donation occur about three weeks prior to close of the budget year.

VIII. Wilderness Park Reminder: Ivy removal committee meets every 3rd Saturday 8am – 10am to take out invasive ivy in the Park. All are urged to come join in on the fun!


With no further business before the SNA, Patti adjourned the meeting. Respectfully submitted by Doug Vokes, Secretary/Treasurer of the SNA. SNA


President, Patti McCoy 503-655-3445

Vice President, Barry Hendrix 503-656-1670

Secretary/Treasurer, Doug Vokes 503-650-2072