Sunset Neighborhood Association Quarterly Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2004


Location: West Linn City Hall




Patti McCoy, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.




Doug Vokes, Treasurer, reported that of the $1500/year (July 1 – June 30) from the city, we currently have a balance of $1093.00. We spent 375.00 (estimated) for postcard notice on September clean-up and the October meeting, and  $32.00 on sign revisions.  We now have a balance of $1093.00   A separate fund containing monies raised by the SNA has a balance of  $262.71













1.      Patti reported on the proposed pocket park to be located in a vacant lot at the corner of Summit and Rosemont. The property, owned by the city, is the site of a former water tower. The park is to contain exercise equipment mainly for the benefits of adults. Parking spots may be available if room permits. If the park can be locked (similar to the skate park on Parker Rd) lights may not be necessary. The cost at this point is estimated to be approx $15 K. The $1,000 that the SNA had allocated during our May meeting to the pocket part could not be done because city policy requires a specific purchase order. Concern was expressed about the possibility of having a portable toilet near the park. Some felt that this would be a nuisance and attract vandalism.  For more information, contact Ann Short: (503) 657-4974, or Patti McCoy:  (503) 655-3445



  1. Our neighborhood Clean-up Day September 25th was a success. Four dumpsters were quickly filled up by 2 PM.  This is a free service to the residents of the SNA for the purpose of keeping trash/garbage free from view. We anticipate another event in the spring. We thank the volunteers for helping out, and for our citizens for their interest in keeping our city clean and livable. The postcards announcing this event did not reach the residents until the day before because they were mailed by the post office from Salt Lake City instead of Everett, WA.  We have no control as to where the mailing come from, so next year we will send out the cards a week sooner to allow for this.


  1. The Lock Fest Festival in May was a success, however, the locks are closed for the season and with no federal funding, it is unlikely at this time that they will re-open in the spring.





  1. Mention was made concerning the on-going ivy issue in Wilderness Park. Volunteer groups have assisted in this effort. Many trails need clearing - otherwise they will become overgrown and will disappear from sight. On a related note, Shauna Shroyer (  has organized an ivy clean-up at Mary S Young Park the third Saturday of each month, 9 – 12 am



  1.  Interest was shown in developing a neighborhood plan for Sunset.  If such a plan is approved by the city, it becomes city code.  Bolton, Willamette, and Robinwood  neighborhoods  are all in the process of developing these plans. The city provides a consultant to work with the neighborhood, and the entire process takes approx 2 – 3 months.  As a result of the discussion, we have asked Sunset to be put on the waiting list, with anticipation that we would be slated for sometime next year.


  1. Please remember to VOTE!




With no further business before the SNA, Patti adjourned the meeting.


Respectfully submitted by Doug Vokes, Secretary/Treasurer of the SNA.




President,                       Patti McCoy     503-655-3445  

Vice President,   Barry Hendrix  503-656-1670  

Secretary/Treasurer,       Doug Vokes     503-650-2072  


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