Sunset Neighborhood Association Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2004


Location: West Linn Library




Patti McCoy, President of the Sunset Neighborhood Association (SNA), called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m.




Doug Vokes, Treasurer, reported that of the $1500/year (July 1 – June 30) from the city, we currently have a balance of $1095.31.  A separate fund containing monies raised by the SNA has a balance of  $262.71














  1. Tree ordinance passed by vote of city council May 5th. Details can be found on city web site


  1. Our neighborhood Clean-up Day April 17th was a success. Three dumpsters were quickly filled up by 1 PM, and another dumpster could have easily been filled if available. This is a free service to the residents of the SNA for the purpose of keeping trash/garbage free from view. We anticipate another event on either September 25th, or Oct 2nd. We thank the volunteers for helping out, and for our citizens for their interest in keeping our city clean and livable.


  1. Mention was made of the Lock Fest Festival Saturday May 15th.  The locks have been in existence for 131 years, and all-volunteer community support is needed to ensure governmental funding to keep the locks in operation next year. Come and enjoy this event.





  1. Discussion concerning a staircase on Falls View/Riverview Streets. This city owned stairway needs to be maintained to be usable for the residents.


  1. The prolific ivy in Wilderness Park (and elsewhere) is a concern. It was felt that the 200 goats used in 2002 were very effective in destroying not only the ivy, but the under brush as well.  Several volunteer groups have participated in this effort with varying degrees of success.


  1. Dave Halley, new captain of the Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue, introduced himself. He also handed out flyers on family disaster planning.




With no further business before the SNA, Patti adjourned the meeting.

Next meeting either September 14th or 21st 2004 at West Linn Senior Center.


Respectfully submitted by Doug Vokes, Secretary/Treasurer of the SNA.




President,                       Patti McCoy     503-655-3445  

Vice President,   Barry Hendrix  503-656-1670  

Secretary/Treasurer,       Doug Vokes     503-650-2072  


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